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Thursday, August 16, 2007

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Age : 17

Name : Heavens Sanctuary

Birthday : 3/10/1990

Gender : Male

Location : North Carolina

Member Since : 07/14/06

Occupation : Student

Real Name : Manuel J.

Anime Fan Since : Age 5

Favorite Anime : Yu Yu Hakusho

Goals : Become A Game Designer

Hobbies : Play video games, Draw

Talents : Drawing at least I think so


Am I secretely hated? Do I not amount to anything? Do YOU see me as just another person. As I arrive, I am THAT guy. Am I the kind of person to be rejected by my two faced friends? Do you see me and want me to leave. Am I arrogant, annoying, and bothersome? Do I not perceive myself to be seen as a good friend? Do I not have a HEART as well? Am I also TWO-FACED? Offensive? As I sit here wondering am I good enough to be anything do anything? DO YOU CONSIDER ME A FRIEND OR A NUISANCE? Why, Why did we meet, why did I choose to be your friend? Will we ever meet person to person face to face, come to a concusion? End my life, Peacefully… Should I continue living? Or am I just another wasted life? Living is a waste of death…. Beyond my time. I can sleep…………. Be forgiven………. SPEAK MY mind…. Under this tree you will see me no more.

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