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Friday, February 29, 2008

My God... Give me strenght

I'm a Shinigami

About Me

+Known as: ChinLin Laine, Heartless angel
+Gender: Female
+Location: faraway land
+Anime Fan Since: Birth....
+Favorite Anime: DN angel, All yuu watase work, Death Note, Bleach
+Likes: drawing, playing volleyball, listening to some tones and surfin the net
+Achievements: 2 yrs MVP in volleyball in our school, 3rd palce in poster making contest, 2nd place in logo making contest, best in computer in highschool, captain ball in volleyball..SY 06-07 3rd place winner.......



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I'm a Shinigami

Welcome to myOtaku Soul Society site!! (Bleach layout)

Feel Free to sign My guestbook and enjoy the contents of my site!!!

wazz up? thanks for visiting!!!! uhmmm... more about my self?? I'm just a simple girl who likes to draw!!!! and making stories... and I'm into sports to especially volleyball.....I'm actually a college student now, a freshmen taking up advertising... this is what I do in my free time... i like music too cause it inspired me.... and to calm me *especially if some ass hole who ruined my day*... hehehe....

why heartless?? ah well just the other side of me... hehehe *hey I'm not crazy if that's what your thinking*

enough of this just pm me or whatever.... hope to be your friend.....


Bleach Opening song 4


Saturday, February 16,2008


Shinigami Thoughts

Bleach Layout

this is the cause of being addicted to the series so I made this layout.... it took me about a day to finished it!!!.. it's kinda like the same wuth the past layout i made.....*death note* L sweet site... i did the banner in photoshop... the pictures are from photobucket.....


... Hell week is 2 days from now!!! next week will be our finals!! and it ain't gonna be easy!!! today i,ve been planning the things to do just to surpast this curse in one piece... it's gonna be a hell of hard work to pass my subjects... that means i'm gonna be busy fo the rest of the week!!! doing plates and studying!!

anyway i'm really exited about our summer vacation... only just 2 weeks of hard work.. then at last... summer is here!!!! really looking forward to it... and i'm exited of the upcoming cosplay we'll be participating in april!!! the Otakuzine (anime magazine here in our country) cosplay!!! i'm really exited!!!
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