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Monday, September 10, 2007

   Every Heart
deticated to joy and brandon forever

when so meny tears are shed
perphaps every heart becomes honest
when someones thoughts are felt
it could be enough for every heart

in the long, long night i was afraid
and i prayed to the stars

within time as as it goes round and round
well seach out love
we want to be even stronger
and so today we look up to the great sky

when we meet with such smiling faces
every heart steps forth into a dream
people go beyond their sorrows
every heart sleeps with a look of happiness

someday, someday each and every spirit
will be able to be at peace

repeat coures

in the corners of childhood memories
there's a warm place so sweet
all of the stars tell us of the future
it's always been glitering so shine

repeat coures *2

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