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Monday, October 24, 2005

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Well, so much for more frequent updating! Sorry about that. This site runs REALLY slow on my computer and I have the attention span of a retarded goldfish, so I have a hard time staring at a white screen while things load.

I got my first report card about a week or so ago and I was soooo relived when I got it. I was supposively doing really bad in my Advanced Placement Math course. The teacher told me I was getting 69, but when I got my report card I got 91. So I was happy, none of my marks were below 80, probably won't be so lucky this term.

I'm so excited for halloween, I'm going to be a pixie or something and just run around the city with a few friends, maybe go to the zoo and catch a late movie. We're hoping to go see "Saw 2" so I'm excite because I really enjoyed the first one. Does anyone else have any plans for halloween?
Yeah, sooo, I'll try to update again... one day?

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