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Sunday, September 19, 2004

I don't know

It's all about your bad self!
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Today was soooo boring. I don't even remember what I did actually...Oh well. Anyway, picture day is tomarrow, I am not looking forward to that. I hate pictures.

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Friday, September 17, 2004

Random Crap!

Look everybody! Random dancing teddybears! Yeay! How fun. I really don't know a specific topic to write about, so I'm just going with what ever comes to mind, so sorry if this is a boring topic!!

At my nice little sleep over I had which I mentioned in one of my other posts was fun. We spent some time playing DDR, which was fun. I drew a horrible picture that I forced my friend to pin on her wall which will probably scare the crap out of her one day when she wakes up and has forgotten about it.

Today, the day after, we went to the eye doctor. I have to get glasses but I don't want to! We were at Walmart for a while, it was a pain in the butt. My friend broke her shoe, so we just bought some new shoes! I bet you could care less. Oh well. Anyway, I died my hair, once again. Its a weird coppery color, I hope it wasn't a big mistake because picture day is on Monday! I HATE PICTURE DAY!!

Does anyone have any suggestions for what song I should put on my site? Or do you want me to keep this song, Bitter Sweet Symphony on?

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That picture represents how fresh our pancakes are on pancake day! Yep it is. I'm pretty sure that if pancakes were living things that needed to be killed before eating, then ours would still be squirming, much like the animal in the picture above would! Isn't that great! So anyway, this pancake/dance event at my school thing I am speaking of I am not going to! Instead I am sleeping over at my friend's house! Yeay! I will not get sick from pancakes that are practically eyeballing me and plotting to eat me! Whaa Woo!! Hey Alexis! YOU DITCHED ME AFTER SCHOOL! WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR PLANS TO GET TOGETHER? Pfft, your loss, you don't get to hang out with me...Cracky. Yep, so good night everybody! I AM SLEEPING IN!!!

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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Look a Helicopter!

Only picture I could find that reminded me of a helicopter^

That picture reminds me of a helicopter because of the ribon on her head. If the picture doesn't show up, just imagin a girl with a hellicopter on her head ok?

Yes, we may or may not have heard of SparklingDiamond talking about the helicopter incident in school. It all started with the Art teacher bring in her puppets, which were uh..weird. She just kept talking and talking and I got bored after the first few minutes. When I get bored, I do stupid things. I put the pen in my hair and twisted the pen in my hair really tightly, then I let go and it started spinning around on the top of my head like helicopter propeller thingys! Yeay! Fun! So then I just started saying look! I'm a helicopter! Oh, it was great fun, the teacher did catch me, be she wasn't mad, probably just amused too. hah.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2004


I really wish I could say that was me as a babysitter on the top, but it is not. I am much more close to the one one the bottom...scarey red eyed monster. Yes, I tend to get violent, or usually just violent thoughts. Today, once again in Social, that was proved. People should not ask me questions when I am tired.

"What would you do if you were trapped babysitting in a house with two five-year olds for a week because of a blizzard. The only food you have is 3 apples, 5 pieces of bread, half a liter of milk and some Cheerios? Lets say one of the 5 year olds ate 3 pieces of your bread, What do you do then?"

Do you know what my answer was? It was as quoted- "I'd throw the stupid kid down the stairs." Probably not the greatest thing to say to the teacher who already thinks I am a crack head eh? Now I'm pretty sure he thinks I need councilling as well as parts of my family and a few of my friends.

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Monday, September 13, 2004


Random Picture ^

Well, once again the weekend is quickly ended. To bad I don't really remeber most of what I did. I think I went bowling, which wasn't that bad I suppose, seeing as I really don't enjoy bowling. I ended up beating everyone even though it was only my second time. I really don't know what to say, but I had the urge to update my site a bit, so sorry if this post is really boring.

Today at school was almost fun, considering all the times I didn't know what was going on because I was practically had to put braces on my eyes to keep them open. In social, I happen to have the teacher I showed the potter puppet palls to, so I tend to get picked on first, Whaa whoo! Anyway, we learned two very important things, how to fold a piece of paper in half straight, and how to drive our desks. What fun. Multiple times I've almost been late for class because of our stupid One Way Hallway rule. You can only go clockwise or something. It bites. Oh well, there is nothing I can do about it. Our school is stupid and we are taught by morons, thats that.
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Friday, September 10, 2004

The weekend!
Yeay! It is finally the weekend! I may sound like a whiney baby but thats ok! I may have only had 3 days of school so far, but were they boooorrringgg. I think I may have ruined what little bit of a reputation I had left, I'm pretty sure my computer teacher thinks I am a crack head. He shouldn't have asked me what site I wanted to go on. But he did, and what did I say? Albinoblacksheep. Maybe "Potter Puppet Palls" wasn't the best thing to suggest. Anyone seen it before? You should, it is funny!

Thats the link. Visit it if you have a few spare minutes! Anywayyy, I am gonig to go eat lunch! Bye!


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Wednesday, September 8, 2004

First day back
Ok today was my first day back at school. It was sooo boring. Apparently I got the hardest teacher for Science and homeroom. The Unibrow teacher. Also, I was separated from all my close friends. Oh well, I made new ones. Anyway, we spent the whole day listening to the teacher babble on and on about high school and stuff like that. The only time we got to get up was for lunch, an assembly (woo hoo, more sitting) and "Math" Where we made clothes out of garbage bags and news papers then modeled them off. I got to be the model on account of my bad rock, paper scissor skills. Thats all I have to say for now.
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   Back to school
It may be hard piece by piece disasembaling myself and throwing each piece out of the deep dark well of denile, but I am now ripping the words from my big mouth. I have to go back to....*horror music plays from no where*..School. *sob sob* Dooms day has arrived and I am no where near ready to go back. Once again, I must restrain from drooling while I sleep through random babbling of what I don't care about and what won't really have anything to do with my on coming future. Well, when I go back, I might just have something to talk about. I can't wait until high school, I get to sleep in. Yeay.
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Monday, September 6, 2004

Me and two of my frineds went to West edmonton mall...Nice way to end the summer kind of. We swam at the waterpark for 7 hours, it was tiring but fun. We discovered most of the people in Edmonton are not very nice (no offence to anyone who lives there) but they really weren't very nice. I am not looking forward to going back to school.
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