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Friday, December 16, 2005

O.K. I had such a frickin awesome day today, so I'll go tell you from the beginnig. Ok, It was the last day of school b4 christmas break, so the air was bustling with "Merry Christmas!" es and stuff. So In Homeroom Jake (chicken) gave me a hug and he's all, "I love you Devon." If you are from my school, you probabaly are like, "Yeah right!" but it's true. So go fuck off. It's not like he was saying he liked me or anything, he likes Laura Hunerberg, So yeah. Lol. In HR, I made cookies for my frinds, and I gave one to Jake. I was all, "You get cookies cuz ur hot." So then in 2nd period Music we did junk like having candy. ya, NM. In 4th period, We exchanged Secret Santa Presents, and Jake had me!!!! yay! He got me a TeenVogue Mag, 4 airheads and Skittlews. Yay! So we had a party. And I was like, "Can I have a hug for christmas?" He nodded and gave me a hug! YAY! (I know, "Yeah Right?" but it's true!) lol. Then at lunch I asked a bunch of peeps for a hug. Like Jason and Nate. I talked to nate for a long time. OMG! I almost forgot! ZACH WAS BACK AT SCHOOL! I was like waving obsessively and I was like "HI ZACHHHH!" he was like, "hey." int this submissive tone. After he left I was like "HEEE SAIDDDDDD HEEYYYYYY TO MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" yay. Then in 6th period we had to actuallly work! We had such a sugar rush that we couldnt contain ourselves. okie. W/e! then after school jakes like, "Merry christmas!" So I Huggred hm and was like "merry chrismas." YAY! HUG #3.
Ok! CYA!

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