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Monday, May 14, 2007

Wow, I haven't been on here ofr a while again....Gomen. I don't have time for much, and updating on myO and Deviantart has been problematic for me, becuase it took up my time. But right now I have time, I have a substitute for my literature class so I'm blowing off my work to say hello.

I am sorry that I haven't put anything up on my fanart, and I will explain why.


My scanner isn't connected at the moment, but I will have it fixed soon enough. I'm currently trying to fix one of my computers (in the plural, cause I have three) So I'll fix the scanner when I'm done with that.

Anyway, on another note, I have updated my stupid fanfiction on ff.net, and I also posted the first chapter of another story I began writing.

Damn, my times up, the bell rang...Time for p.e. Yay...

Love you all!!

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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Kyah....I'm so sorry for not being around for so long!!! I've been so damned busy, and especially this weekend, because I've had to babysit 24/7...Its exhausting!!!

I need a break.

Hey, have you guys heard of the anime Princess Tutu? Its such a cute little show! I loves it, but not many people know about it. Go on youtube and watch some of the episodes, then go buy it cuz its awesome! ^^

I have to go now....I need sleep and I haven't been getting any.....Ja ne!


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Friday, March 23, 2007

Sushi making is fun, but it can wear you out!
My feet hurt.

We had a 'Language Extravaganza' here at school, and I was in the Japanese section! There were five languages all together. That, Italian, French, Spanish and Chinese. I learned how to make sushi and I was as good as the Asian kids!!! YAY! Sensei said I was a natural...!!

Ugh...But I stayed for over three periods so now my legs are killing me and....I gotta go to ALGEBRA. *sighs* TGIF.


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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Long time no see!!!

Sorry sorry!!! I didn't mean to be gone for so long....

I made a DA account in the proccess though, and I really, have been busy. For those of you who have noticed I did put art up and all that so yeah....^^ I finally got around to doing that. Oh and Jenna!!

Thank you for taking time to vote and comment on each of my pics! I truly appreciate it!! *tackle glompage*

Yesterday was the first day of spring, and Dunkin Donuts was giving away a free iced coffees... It was gooooood.

Only a few days left to endure before House comes back on!! Yay!!! Seriously, the people who have not seen House (Its on Fox Tuesdays at eight) NEEDS TO SEE IT.

Fuck. the bells ringing so I need to get to class....Byebye!!@

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

   Don't go, nice weather!!!!
Yay!!! The weather was actually NICE! I was so happy!! I swear, it was in the 70's yesterday. SEVENTY.

*sobs* But it's going downhill starting tonight. now is in the forecast again.

I hate you, snow.

I slept through the whole night without waking up last night. That made me glad, cause its hard for me to fall asleep. Hehe.

OMG. I finally have my pictures scanned. Be warned though, they're the unfinished pictures. xDD I'll put them up now, okie?? Toodles!!!


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Thursday, March 8, 2007

   *waves hello*

I haven't been on here in a while, but not much has happened so that's why.

Uhm. I know I haven't put up any pics...I'm sorry. I've been busy, and I feel like damned DaVinci!!! I keep leaving my pictures unfinished...Seriously, you should see my folder....All I've got in there right now are inked or partially sketched drawings. *sigh*

Hah, America's Next Top Model makes me laugh...I could kick those girls asses in a heartbeat. And that one girl, what was her name?? Renee I think... I don't like her. Her attitude is dumb. Actually, they all need an attitude makeover.

Okay, my rant is over.

I hope everyone's life is a lot better than mine, becuase when there's no excitement in my life, it feels dumb. Well at least now we're playing volleyball instead of hockey. ^^


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Thursday, March 1, 2007

   I broke something.......o.O
I forgot to tell you guys.

I broke a train door. hahahhaa.....

Yeah. I broke it. You know how? I'll tell you. I went through the littel doors to get into the other car while leaving my backpack and other stuff with my friend. (I did this to bother my other friend in the other car and teh train was still moving by the way.) The train stops at the station and the doors open, while I'm still talking to my friend. Then I realize that the doors were open, so I rna out onto the platform (instead of going back the way i came, see how dumb i can be?) and stick my hand out to keep the door to the car my stuff was on from closing. And then the train started to move. While my hand was still stuck in the door. So I pulled my hand out andwas stuck on the platform, and all my stuff was on the train!!! My friend took care of my stuff and I jumped onthe next train and met her at the next stop. And she told me that they were stuck at the station because the conductor had to come adn fix the door that I broke!! Apparently it never closed all the way after I pulled my hand out of the way.

Oopsie...? xDDDD

I think I broke one of the computers in the school library too....I did that yesterday though. heh.

Breaking stuff is fun.

So now I want you to tell me: What was the oddest thing you've broken, and how did you break it?

♥ Katie

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Help! Crazy lady with a shovel!! - Calcifer
Dude. The weather needs to die. It can't make up its mind.


You know how the snow was melting? Well, it started snowing again, so all the snow was turned into mush, and the snow that was still falling stuck to the mush, and now we have rainy snowy mush. Hooray.

Oh yeah! I fixed my compu with my dad, only now, his compu crashed too...ahaha, our compus don't like us...xDDD But we fixed that yesterday. ^^ I was watching Howl's Moving Castle again, only with my brother this time, cause he never saw it. xD Calcifer is awesome. (I think I've said that before..) I want a little fire demon!!! *pouts*

I still have yet to put up new art.(I have been drawing , it's just that they're either not coloured, or not scanned....Gomen..) Oh well...I'm gonna go see what else I can favorite...hehe...


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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Spring is in the air!!.....xD OOH! New Bleach on Youtube today! Episode 116
Hey everyone!! Sorry I haven't been to your sites lately, I've been busy and I just recently found out that my compu crashed. And I can't use my dad's laptop or his compu, because he said not to. So I have to obey...-_- Dammit.

Yay!! The air is all, sping-like....It smells nice. And I can't see my breath anymore!! Hooray!! Thank you groundhoug for nto seeing your shadow this year!! Spring will come quickly now!!!

Grr...The school is having health inspections and when they do that, we have icky cold lunches...They're disgusting...So I brought my lunch. MOOHAHA.

I haven't updated my art yet have I?? I'll do that soon...Gomen nee...

Welp. I'm going to go visit your sites now! Toodles!


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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Candy mountain, candy mountain, you fill me with sweet sugary goodness!!
Yeah...I was thinking of Charlie and the candy mountain..haha....It makes me laugh.
Yay!! It smells like spring outside!!! xDD It's not as horrible as it used to be...adn all the snow is melting...which is both a good and bad thing.

Good because I don't have to shovel it anymore.

Bad becasue it makes everything wet while it melts..including my shoes...Plus it runs in with the salt for the snow and then it makes salt water which leaves a white stain on the hem of my jeans...-_-

OOH! I think I told you already that I had to babysit on Saturday right? Well, I let them watch a movie and they picked Howl's Moving Castle...as anyone ever seen that?? It was my first time seeing it, but omg...haha, I luff Calcifer, the little fire demon who stole Howl's heart!! He's so funny!! And such an adorable little fire...xD I want to squish him. Billy Crystal plays his voice...xDD

So anyway...I had a pretty fine weekend. Iwent downtown with a few of my friends. We went to Navy Pier for the hell of it after strolling down Michigan avenue. That place is fun. xD

But my feet hurt from walking. Oh yeah, and while we were eating at the McDonalds at Navy Pier, there were littel birdies flying around inside....Dumb things. xD They're always in there because they want our food. Oh well..

Wahhhhh*cries* There's no House on today because of the stupid American Idol!! It's like this two hour special I think...Damn them. -_-

Okie. Well imma go now..I have some other things to do before class starts.


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