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Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Legend of Zelda Doujinshi (please give me any criticism you have, be honest)
this is what I got so far

Chapter one
panel 1: [An establishing shot of Zelda’s castle.]
panel 2: ~setting: castle gardens~ [Zelda is looking at Gannon through a window.] Zelda-“ I wonder who that strange man is”
panel 3: [close up of that woman from the Sheikah tribe]’s feet.] She says- that’s Gannon, darling.
panel 4: Gannon kneeling at the throne. Zelda- “what is he saying to my daddy?”
[Another speech bubble] Sheikah woman- “I don’t know…“
panel 5: [close up of Gannon’s face. He’s looking slightly up at Zelda]
panel 6: [Zelda looks shocked]


panel 7: ~Setting: a shop in Kokiri forest.~[link pointing at a shield] Link- “ill take that shield over there”
panel 8: [shop owner handing link the shield] shop owner: “that’ll be 30 rupees”
panel 9: [link going through his pockets]
panel 10: [link pulls out a rupee bag] link- “here ya go”

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