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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Date: 11 Jun 08
Post Time: 3:17 am

Hmm, I'm not dead. Whoo-hoo! I guess...

Lets see...

-I don't like the re-vamp on myO. Too confusing.

-Lance came back from Oregon in April against my wishes, and I got him to join the army. He goes to basic on June 25th. Plus I believe our relationship has run its course.

-I made a new wallpaper. Hopefully it'll be up for viewing soon enough.

-I moved back home. But hopefully if things work out, I'll be moving to North Carolina with my buddy Lee.

-My cat is still sqeaky.

-I have learned that Quizno's is better than Subway. I still like those little singing rats from the commericals. My favorite was the one with the pirate hat =].

- I wanna buy this car here

-And this program here

And some completely random thoughts!

-Strippers make good money. lol.

-Cocaine is a expensive but fun habit.

-I could go for a Jack and Coke or a Long island ice tea. LIIT's are soooo good! lol.

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