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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 11/15/05:

Your Outrageous Name is:
Oliver Clothesoff

Result Posted on 11/15/05:
Ninja stlye

Congrat you are Naruto!

Naruto Quiz
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Result Posted on 11/15/05:

Result Posted on 11/12/05:
I saw a squirrel.

You are GIR WOO HOO!!!!!! you are insane and fun!!!

Who are you from Invader Zim?
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Result Posted on 11/12/05:

.Type O Negative
long long long survey (over 300)
~*~ First, the basics. Of course. ~*~
What's your name?:Joshua
How old are you?:15
When's your birthday?:12/12/89
Where do you live?:Del Rio
Are you a guy or a gal?:Guy
~::~Your looks~::~
What color is your hair naturally?:brownish red
Is it dyed right now?:not yet
What color are your eyes?:brownish red
Do you where contacts or glasses?:no
If you where contacts, do you where colored ones?:....
How long is your hair?:long
How do you usually where it?:....
How tall are you?:5'10
How much do you weigh?:137
What size shoes do you where?:13
What style clothes do you usually where?:skate , anime
What are you wearing right now?:pajamas
What jewelery do you where regularly?:no jewelery
Have any piercings?:no
Are your nails painted?:no
#~#Would you or have you ever #~#
Dive into a pool of jello?:no hate jello
Get a tatoo?:maybe
Try and get on Fear Factor?:yes
Try and get on some other reality show?:yes
Pierce your tongue?:no
Go bungee jumping?:yes
Sky diving?:yes
Scuba diving?:yes
Ask someone out?:yes
Fly an airplane?:yes
Fly in a hot air balloon?:yes
Try and get in the Olympics?:yes
Eat a bug?:yes
::!:: About your crush, bf/gf, etc. ::!::
What's their name?:Alex
Are they a boy or a girl?:girl
What's their favorite color?:red
Favorite animal?:...
Favorite pass time?:sketching
How long have you known them?:3 months
Do you talk alot?:yes
What size shoes do they where?:...
What color is their hair?:light brown
What about their eyes (the more detailed the better)?:light brown and you can't stop looking at her
Do you like their style of dress?:yes
Would you change anything about them?:No like her the way she is
Do they sleep with stuffed animals?:...
How tall are they?:5'6
What's their favorite food?:....
Favorite song?:....
Favorite sport to play?:....
To watch?:....
Favorite band?:...
How old are they?:16
Do you think you'll marry them someday?:I hope so
Are you in love?:yesss
>~< Your favorite things >~<
Color?:red black
Pass time?:anything
Sport to watch?:JJJT
Sport to play?:JJJT
Ice cream?:Cookies'n cream
Time of day?:5:00
Day of the week?:Saturday
Time of the year?:December
Memory?:Something fun
Place to be?:somewhere
Person to be with?:Alex
Room in the house?:guest room
Article of clothing?:don't know
Accessory?:don't know
Name?:doesn't ender stand the question
Kind of weather?:Sunny cloudy
=?= Word Association =?=
Calendar::thing to do
Horse::Wild stallion
Bloom::new day
Cody::some guy
=) Answer in song lyrics (=
Describe yourself::I don't know whats worth fighting for
Describe your friends::Look at this photograph everytime i eye on it it makes me laugh
Describe your family::Headstrong I can take anyone
Are you a guy or girl?:guy
Where do you want to be right now?:Beverly Hills thats where I want to be
Describe how you feel 'bout your crush, etc.::thinking bout your bueatymakes me so weak
Describe how you feel right now::drink the posion when you think its over
Describe your life::in the end....it doesn't even matter
Give me a word of advice::life goes on..come of age
Tell me something uplifting::this is the dawning of the rest of our of life
@',---- Randomness ----,'@
What are you doing right now?:taking this long quiz
I'm hungry. Are you?:need food
What are you listening too?:Silverstein
How many people are you talking to on IM?:none
Are you singing or talking or anything like that?:singing talking and anything
Who do you miss?:Alex
Who did you get your last email from?:Drama club
Who do you wish would write?:Alex
Learned anything new lately?:Nope
What's the last thing you ate?:Cinnamon bubs
Got any hobbies?:Getting movie tickect
How long has it been since you've done something creative?:A minute
When's the last time you went outside?:right now
Who's the last person you hit?:My cousins
Who's house where you at last?:Mu cousins
Who's house did you last spend the night at?:My grandparents
What's on your mind right now?:to finish this quiz
When's the last time you were really angry?:Yestarday
When's the last time you got royally emberassed?:never got really emberassed
Who do you wish you were with right now?:Alex
Got any plans for the weekend?:weekend over
Are you getting tired of this yet?:Hell yes
Will you be my friend?:I guess
When life gets you down, you know what you gotta do?:When lifes a waste of time, and times a waste of life, I say we get wasted and have the time of our life
/*/ This or That /*/
Green or blue?:Blue
Red or purple?:Red
Hot or cold?:Cold
Pizza or lasgna?:Pizza
Bread or ice cream?:Ice cream
Cake or pie?:Pie
Tofu or chicken?:Chicken
Ugly or fat?:Fat
Camera or camcorder?:Camcorder
IM or in person?:In person
Phone or computer?:computer
Movie or TV?:Movie
Alone or over crowded?:Alone
Music or silence?:Music
Walk or run?:run
Bike or rollerblades?:rollerblaeds
Ring or bracelet?:ring
Taken or single?:single for now
Guys or gals?:gals
Dark or light?:Dark
Bright or subdued?:subdued
Cheerful or cranky?:cheerful
Smile or grin?:smile
Pen or pencil?:pencil
Paper or plastic?:paper
Tiger or cheetah?:Tiger
Dolphin or shark?:Dolphin
Catsup or Ketchup?:Ketchup
Mayonnaise or miracle whip?:none
Pirates of the Carribean or Lord ofthe Rings?:Pirates of te Carribean
Knife or scizzors?:knife
Pants or shorts?:pants
Windy or calm?:windy
Flower or weed?:flower
Half empty or half full?:half full
Cordless or cell?:cell
House or home?:home
Karate or kick boxing?:karate
---->About your friends<-----
Who's the nicest?:none
The cutest?:...
The tallest?:Kai
The shortest?:jave
Who's the meanest?:Miguel
Do you have a crush on one of them?:no
Who's most likely to end up in jail?:Ethan
Who's most likely to become all the want to be?:Albert
Who's the smartest?:Chris
The loudest?:Me
The quietest?:Matthew
The nosiest?:Miguel
The most obnoxious?:Me
Who can you relate to best?:don't know
Who knows you the best?:Miguel
Who have you known the longest?:Miguel
How 'bout the shortest?:Don't know feels like forever
Who do you see most often?:Jeff
Who makes you laugh the most?:All of them
Who makes you cry the most?:don't know
Who's the strongest?:.....
The weakest?:.....
The most creative?:Me
The shyest?:Matthew
Most outgoing?:Ethan
Most colorful?:.....
Most stylish?:none
Most likely to become a model?:none
Most likely to end up pierced many times over?:Ethan
Most likely to hurt themselves accidently?:Me
Most likely to try a citizens arrest?:Me
Who sings the most?:Me
Who has the best singing voice?:....
Best talking voice?:.....
Who wears the most jewelry?:none
Who whistles the most?:Albert
Who's house do you spend the most time at?:Albert
*#* Thought provokers *#*
Is abortion wrong? Give the reason for your answer.:Yes killing bad
What about euthenasia?:ehh....
What are your thoughts on the war in Iraq?:there is a war
I just got a letter from President Bush! ( I know, that didn't fit):Who do I have to fight
Is there life on other planets?:Yes
How did we get here?:God
Creation or the Big Bang or something else?:Personal
Is sex before marraige wrong?:no
Is it wrong to be gay?:no
How old should children be when they start school?:5
Is the Bible true?:yes
Did Jesus really come to earth and die for our sins?:yes
If you could do absoulutley anything, what would you do?:Be fat and pay someone to say "Bruce Banner I just slashed your tires"
If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it?:What ever Alex wants she gets
Jesus loves you.:I told you mom
Why are we here?:To work
)(More random randimosity)(
What color is the sky?:Blue
Why?:Refection off water
Is color real or just an illusion?:illusion
Do you think I could have the president for a pen pal?:If Bush doesn't go to war with computers maybe
What's behind you?:a monster
Who's in the room with you?:My imagainery friend
What can you hear right now?:barking
Without turning your head, what can you see?:everything in the room
What are your emotional fears?:i'll be alone
What are your physical fears?:needles
What brings you joy?:everything fun
Do you have any addictions?:video games
Any obsessions?:girls and games
What's on your bedroom walls?:Posters
Do you have any stuffed animals?:Pikachu
I forgot this one - what's your favorite movie?:To many
How many people are in your family?:lots
Got any people you call siblings, but aren't related?:3
Who's the last person you hugged?:My cousin
I'm still hungry, are you?:yes
What's something you're waiting for?:My love
Do you like to take pictures?:Yes
Collect anything?:Movie tickets
What can you see out the nearest window?:Trees
What's your least favorite chore?:running errands
What do you dread?:being alnoe
What are you looking forward too?:family
Do you like your handwriting?:no
How fast do you type?:fast
What color are your socks?:white
What do your favorite pair of shoes look like?:black skating shoes
How long has it been since you've worn real tennis shoes?:8 hours
Do you want a pair of converse all stars?:yes
What color?:black
What was the last commercial you saw?:Saw 2
What was the last movie you watched?:Saw
What was the last movie you watched in theaters?:Wallace an Gromit
What was the last movie you saw that you'd never seen?:Wallace an Gromit
This is almost over! Happy?:Yes
What are you gonna do when you're finally FINISHED?:Eat
Are you smart?:sometimes
Is your room a mess or clean or in between?:between
Do you like cheese?:Yes
I like peanut butter on cheese. Am I weird?:NO
Quick! Start singing!:la la la
What's the weather like?:Cloudy
When's the last time you flew?:Last christmas
Do you LIKE to fly?:Yes
This is over.:FOOD
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You've been totally Bzoink*d

Result Posted on 11/12/05:

I am Ifrit
You are Ifrit! You're a mainstay in everyone's
party, even if you do have a breath problem.
Ever steadfast, you reduce all but the toughest
(or flame-retardant) foes to a pile of ash in

What Final Fantasy summon are you?
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Result Posted on 11/12/05:


Wich FF guy are you?
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Result Posted on 11/12/05:

You are a samurai. You are skilled, balanced, and deadly. You hold
honor to your highest value. As a samurai, you
not only know how to fight, but you also know
the skills on how to live.(i.e. cooking,
household chores, e.t.c) You protect your
homeland, and village against any threat that
might ovepower it, and would never leave any of
your comrades behind. You are the right person
to go to for advice, for you are wise beyond
your years. You fight for what you believe in,
and also for what is right, nothing else! Weapon: Katana Value: Honor Feelings: calm and confident

What Type of Warrior are You. (For Girls AND Boys) Long quiz. Be prepared.
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Result Posted on 11/11/05:

you're somewhere i belong

what linkin park song are you?
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Result Posted on 11/11/05:
Somewhere I belong

you're somewhere i belong

what linkin park song are you?
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