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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

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Thanks you guys for making me feel better.. Today really cheered me up. Went to school, didn't do much. Oh, yeah. My friend got in trouble for drawing a transmutation circle on his hand. That's stupid!! I'm going to draw Scar's tattoo on my whole arm just to piss of the school!! During luch we (me, Jeff and Tony) decided, "If we don't want to do "Who's quote is it anywho?" we will do an underground radio show." We have done it before, but we got carried away. We kinda blew up the computer we were using and something about penguins. Don't ask. It's gonna be cool doing it again!!! After school, we (me, Agent M, Jeff, and Tony) hung out at pur spot. Everyone else was on a trip or not at school. Agent M had this bottle of something, and she told me and Jeff to try it.(She doesn't like Tony very much.) I tried it first. She told me it was blood. BULLSHIT!! It was a REALLY HOT SAUCE. I was steaming up but keeping me cool. Then she went to Jeff for him to taste it. I was jumping up and down and waving "NO!!!" when she wasn't looking and when she turned around to see me, I was just standing around do nothing but kicking dirt. Then she chased Jeff, I was running at them waving "DON'T TASTE IT!!!" He tricked her and didn't do it. After that walked to the bus stop and starting talking to Agent M and her our friend (let's call her, Yuna) And having a good time while watching "Underworld" on my psp. After Agent M and Yuna left. I went home and was going to play my PS2 until I saw something that will no...has change by life. My mom (she was sad and depressed yesterday) was.....playing GUITAR HERO!! And that part didn't change me, it wsa that she wsa playing "Iron Man" by Black Sabbath on Expert mode!!! That's the highest mode on there!! I'm barely on hard mode!!! After watching my mom play Iron Man she left and I went to Burger King to pick up diiner, returned home and just started commenting sites.
WHY DID EVERYONE HAVE TO POST TODAY!! I had to go to like 52 peoples site!!! Just kidding. I like that ya'll post. 60 people have signed my GB!!! Only 20 more to go!!! So what's up with ya'll today?,yo. Later....MUCH!!!!

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