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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

   I would be happy but no...
Today something bad really happened. No, I did not brake up with Agent M. So one in my family died. My friends won't belive me, because of who it was. Twice this has happened. On the same month after spring-break and everything. I got 305 visits. yeah. My family, and My Angel and My Demon are tring to cheer me up but it's not working I have lost all my emotions. After school hung out with Agent M and everyone. My friends finalyy notice that I like Agent M. "Have you notice that Negi doesn't take the bus, comes to the bus stop, and leaves after Agent M leaves?" It took them 6 months to find out. Learned Helena on the guitar. March sucks. I have decided to show Negima on my site so enjoy. New episode every week. I really need a friend now. I would call Agent M but I don't want to. Do you know anything to cheer me up? So, how was ya'll day?
,yo. Later....MUCH!!!!

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