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Monday, March 20, 2006

Today has been fun, even though spring-break is over. Agent M was excited when I gave her a DvD of her favorite band in concert. After school, me Jeff and ThisGuy were playing around until we caught carried away. We were playing with a bottle and they threw it at me and I dodged it Matrix's style!! Then ThisGuy said "Throw it at me and I try to dodge it." So, I did. But I tried to hit him in the stomach and it went where we man hate to get hit. He fell to the ground and me and Jeff were laughing so hard, we were coughing blood!!! Went chased after me and I grabbed a stick and started going Soul Calibur 3 at him. After that went to the bus stop and started talking to Agent M after Jeff and Rikku left. I decided to give her concert tickets of her favorite band( Type O Negative) Execpt I didn't want her to find out so I gave her clues.
1. It's paper
2. It has words
3. She will like it
4. Worth a lot of money (You have to buy it so it's worth money)
5. It involes the words c-o
6. And it involes Type O Negative
And she still didn't know it. After that went home and started a new song to practice. "Astro Zombies" played by My Chemical Romance and and was written by Glenn Danzig of "The Misfits"!!! That is an awesome song!!! It's on "Tony Hawk: American Wasteland". Then started to post on the computer. I'm at 56. Just 24 more to go till movie time. So, what have ya'll been up to?Image hosting by TinyPic,yo. Later....MUCH!!!!

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