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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

   Full-metal Alchemist episode 51: END
Episode 51 for all you people who might miss it. P.S. Tell me anything that happened to ya'll till late Saturday. I will not be able to post. Going to concerts till Late Saturday....ROCK ON!!!,yo. Later....MUCH!!!!
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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Man, i'm tired......the concert wsa cool! Got a t-shirt and picuters. Nickelback, Trapt, and Chevelle. Cool bands. I did this post at the second showing of FMA ...so i'm tired. I still have all the concerts to go to because.....it's spring-break. I'm so tired I can' find the exlamation point no more. To tired to type. I'll post later when my day is at least have way done.,yo. Later....MUCH!!!!
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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Went to see NickelBack in concert. Be back tommorrow!!! If anything happened to you today, tell me!!!,yo. Later....MUCH!!!!
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Friday, March 10, 2006

Today is offically the last day till spring-break. Me and my friends did another show of "Who's Quote is it Anywho?". Everyone loved it!! I saw tommorrow's episode of FMA (it's at the bottom!!) After school, justed laid down on the grass and closed my eyes...it was like the perfect weather.....warm with a gentle breeze. Perfect. After that the girls were screaming at us from the other side of the field. I knew them, but they couldn't see you I was. So, I yelled back at them. They started cursing in spanish and I started saying Spanish food!! Nachos, Tamales, anything I could think of!! After that went to the bus stop with Agent M, Jeff, and Rikku came late. We were telling jokes with each other and Agent M had to leave, I told her I'll call her and she looked back said bye and did that blow kiss thing. In my head I said, " She digs me." After that hung around with Jeff and Rikku (their bus was running late) and we started talking about what we should do next for the show until the bus came. They left, I went home and started typing this post. I ahve to go...my Angel and Demon are fighting over the last pizza roll. ("leaps out of chair and they start fighting") Got IT!!! Anway... what's up with ya'll?!! ,yo. Later....MUCH!!!!
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   Tommorrow episode of FMA
I was watching this in Bio....hope you like it!!
,yo. Later....MUCH!!!!

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I have to go to school right now so Silverstein: Discovering the Waterfront.

,yo. Later....MUCH!!!!
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Thursday, March 9, 2006

   Pick which one
Pick the Silverstein video that will be played tommorrow. I know even if you never heard any of their songs, pick one.
,yo. Later....MUCH!!!!

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Today has been an adventure for me!!! My Angel and Demon agree with me!!! *they both nod* Wrote a play that screws around with movies and stories!! (For example, The two main characters meet a man that says "Take the ring and destroy it. The main characters take it and sell it at a pawn shop. From Lord of the Rings!!) History had to take a test. Passed it. French listened to music and wrote a song. Lunch got to play "Who's Quote is it anywho?!!" Jeff chose the title not me. We performed it in front of a live group, it fact, half the lunch kids at school!! And they laughed!!! English, another test...passed. Geometry..passed the test with the highest grade in class. Now I have the highest average in class! I was so happy I shook Mini-moose( My friend, I call her that because when we tickle her she sounds like Mini-moose from Invader Zim) Then talked to Rikku and she asked " Why are you making Agent M all sad?!!" I said" Why is she sad?!" "Because your making her all feel bad about going with Jeff to the prom and asking so many questions!!" So, she does care. Anyway I'm going to the prom with....don't laugh....with myself....maybe if I don't find someone. Damn, I gonna look like a complete Idiot if I go alone. I DON'T GIVE A FUCK!!! After that went home and practiced a new song on the guitar. "My Heroine" by Silverstein. I now can play it. My fingers hurt like a bitch though!!! Anyway the next post will be a Silverstein video and whatever happens tommorrow. Oh yeah, justed remembered, the video after Sliverstein I bet will make you want to dance. Maybe, so what's up with ya'll?! ,yo. Later....MUCH!!!!
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Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Nothing special today.... but picutre day. I hate picture day!!! I think everyone does. After school I hung out with my friends... even Agent M. That reminds me...Me, Jeff, and Tony( another friend of mine.) are now doing our own version of "Whose Line Is It Anyway?!!" It's call, damn I forgot!! Anyway, I was hanging out after school, and heard from Rikku (Agent M's best friend) and Jeff that he will go to the prom with her. I suddenly felt RAGE inside me. I also notice that my demon and angel suddenly changed too. First they look justed like me but chibi-er, now they look completely different. The pictures are on top if you haven't notice them. After that went to the bus stop with them, Rikku and Jeff left (they ride the same bus) and the only people left were me and Agent M.(There were other people, i'm just making it sound dramatic.) I started talking to her, "You glad that Jeff's going to the prom?" (I was the one that told her that Jeff's going) She said, "Yeah, but we're only going as friends." I did a flip in my head and did a whisper kinda yell, "There's still hope!!!" After that went home and washed the laundry and made dinner. There's hope but now my Angel and Demon are acting different now. Like their always on their guard and telling me, "Who ever pisses you off, KILL THEM!!" I'll never do that. Unless.....forget it. So, what's up with ya'll?,yo. Later....MUCH!!!!
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Tuesday, March 7, 2006

   I was used.
Image hosting by TinyPic Today answered my question that I have been wondering about for the passed 5 days. Everyday at the beginning of school I see Agent M and her best friend (lets call her Rikku) talking and pointing at me. I keep hearing Rikku telling Agent M "Are you going to ask him?" And of course I thought "What's she going to ask me?!!" Then today I was talking to one of my best friends: Jeff and he said "Agent M asked my to the prom." After he said that, I suddenly heard my Demon side tell me: "Negi, release me so I can kill him!!!" Then my Angel side said, "Don't do it Negi, you never hurt your friends!!!" I listened to my Angel and was just depressed until I had lunch. I started talking to Jeff and asked him if he was going to go with her. He doesn't know. He didn't even know what a prom was. I told him and now he knows. After school, Rikku asked if he ws and he still doesn't know. When he left I started to talk to Agent M. She acted all normal about it too. I think she likes him. So, i've been used all this time and didn't know about it. Life sucks. I don't even think we're together anymore, I think we never were.,yo. Later....MUCH!!!!
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