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Result Posted on 11/22/07:
accurate result

What season are you? (pics)

You're a Winter. You very much enjoy your time alone but do like other people's company sometimes. You just need your space. You have a few priviledged friends who saw past your colder exterior to find the true you. You can have pretty bad mood swings (though you hate to admit it) so you could be soft one second then storming around the next! But over all, you're a very pleasant person once people take the time to get to know you. You're a good friend for in-depth talks. You're very talanted when it comes to creative things.(If you can't see the pics, go to my homepage and look near the bottom and find your result)
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Result Posted on 11/22/07:
OMG! This describes me perfectly!!!

What Is Your True Hidden Power? .::Beautiful Anime Pics::.

Your Hidden Power Is Water

You have a rather calm soul, but when tempted will get pissed off at those who bug you. You do whatever you can in your powers to help those of your allies and have a okay taste for human kind, but you find them rather annoying on occasions.

Gem Stone: Saphire, Eye Color:Ice Blue,Hair Color:Dark Blue that's long that goes to your waist.

Quote:If you wait for meThen I'll come for you. Although I've travelled far, I always hold a place for youIn my heart. If you think of me, If you miss me once in a while, Then I'll return to you. I'll return and fill that space in your heart
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Result Posted on 11/22/07:
That doesn't look at all what I would imagine myself as as an anime character, but oh well!

How would your anime family look like? (pics) by Princess Sakura
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Result Posted on 07/19/07:


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