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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Hey Hey! Remember me?? I doubt it. But that's alright. Maybe I'll make some new friends. ^_~

I *finaly* uploaded some new fanart. I hadn't realized it, but it's been over a year since the last time. Dang. Time goes by fast. .. Well, a lot sure has happened in that time, but I won't punish whoever is reading this by going on about it. =P What I would like to say though, is thanks for visiting my site, and please take a look at my latest art!

Actually, 2 of the pics are a few months old already, but the Chobits one was just done 2 weeks ago. I have a lot more drawings too, but many of them are unfinished. Hopefully I will soon be in the mood to finish them up and scan them in. Okay.. later!

Oh, I'd also like to thank all the other fanartists submitting their work. I have really enjoyed looking at random pieces the past couple days. That's what motivated me to send mine in too. Arigatou! ^^

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