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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

hard to believe fact "death"
For all those who are stating there day I would suggest that you skip this blogg for all those who are hoping to find something funny to ready, I’d ask you to please read someone else’s blog, cuz today I write with sad and heavy heart. I know I’m posting after what seems like a decade, and it’s not fair to start a come back post like this but, still I have no one to share my grief today, so, I reach out to you all my friend, for today I lost a fatherly figure my dear uncle the father to my dearest cousin’s Randy(15) and Robin(14)

He died last night at 12midnight he was coming from a party and was drunk driving with his friend in the front seat . they crashed into a tree on the highway.no one not a single soul had the courtesy to stop and see if the ppl in the crash where alive or not not a single soul and the stupid freaking police didn’t take the body out till 10am he and his friend laid there for 10 bloody hours curse those assholes I wish I could strangle them. He could have been alive but no……….this country doesn’t know what the freaking hell a paramedics is ……….damn it!. for all of those who do not know I post from India and the highways here seem to attract accidents like honey attracts flies every other day someone dies on these treacherous “highways” and the highways are not like the freeways or motor ways like that in the U.S or U.K they are roads connecting one town to another which have vast stretches of fields on either sides of the road and sometimes there’s a “bounce” you find steep pits you can’t find any cities, towns or villages on the way not emergency phone booths and NO STEET LIGHT NONE! ….just lots of trees and fields and a hell lot of drunk truck drivers driving blindly like they own the bloody God for saken street (bloody jerks burn in hell) I hate the f***ing government here every one of them fake ass loosers every single one of them they f***ing don’t give a damn abt the people and there requirements

We got a call 7am today and I rushed to see my aunt and my 2 bro’s we grew up together and we are practically like real sibs. I got to there house the boys where asleep not aware of what had happened. and it was I who woke them up I WAS SAPPOSED TO BARE THE BURDEN TO TELL THEM “BOYS YOU LOST YOU FATHER” me why me I don’t know but if you’ve ever been through what I’m going thru then you can understand how hard it is to tell someone that you’ve lost the most dearest person and that you’ll never see him again NEVER after I broke the news to them I could stand there not look at them I was having mixed emotions I was sad for them, angry at my uncle, and I had hate for myself for I had to be the one to tell them to give them this news

I came home I didn’t know what to to the boys refused to let it show on there face they were trying to hold up for there mother but every now and they they would hide and shed a tear or two I just left I didn’t know what to do I myself needed a shoulder for support for I too had lost a dear one………he was like a father to me too……… and I feel guilty for leaving and not being there for them I’m confused tired. That’s all I have to say .i’m not even sure why I posted

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

sorry for my long absence i will be irregular till April as i'm really busy
here's what's happened since my last post

When did i last post?! ahh yes October 19,


1. From 21nd October i made it a routine to walk back home from my evening classes and as tradition all students spend 30 min after class to gossip and talk abt the teachers and abt life in general and just a few days ago when i was abt to comment on our physics teacher 2 pigeons splatted one on my head and the other on my hand
(actually i was enacting the teacher)

2.on 23 October i was getting late after class so my friend offered to drop me home. on our why the engine died to we both ended up walking home

3.14 November is celebrated as Children's day (i don't know why and i don't really care ) and on this day all the teacher throw a party for kids(we being 17 are also considered as "kids" which is quite lame but as long as there's a party who cares)my friend tripped over me in the party and i ended up with ketchup all over my shirt

not bad just that i'll be having test till April. I've been talking regularly to Raina-san (my onee-chan) on msn and she's been teaching me Japanese i've recently gone totally crazy with j-rock and j-pop and i finally managed to clean my room also i've become really addicted to the Internet (but to lazy to post regularly) i don't know how but all i seem to do is come online and if i don't have anything to go i'm watching anime's this is affected my performance in school and i just can't seem too stop surfing the Internet so i'll try not to log on starting this saturday i just hope i get over this addiction

1. what are you addicted to? (*looks at the stash of weed in the study drawer* oh! me well the internet *cough* ehehe! ^^")
2.what's your fav pet?
3.who's your ideal match?
4.how do you describe yourself?
5. how do your friends describe you?
6.whats you fav food?
7.what's your fav color?

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Friday, October 19, 2007

Sorry for the long absence i was busy with my exams and school stuff also i went bag packing with friend to Rajasthan (India) where we saw forts and palaces of the Maharajah's of Pakistan i really enjoyed it but it was really hot there it was a desert after all..........
i also changed the theme of my site i hope you like it

well it's a bit late but i'll answer the questions i was asked in my last post which was about 2 months ago ^^"

I AM MANGA: Where did you pilgrimage too?

ME: I went to Hemkunt sahib it a holy temple for the ppl who follow Sikhism it's in the mountain and you have to go there ob foot it's in the Garhwal region of India

Cloudboy: Do you like pie???

Me: yes i love pie my fav is apple pie but i don't like my pies tooo sweet

Raina: How's school going?

Me: thanks for asking onee-chan it's ok i mean it's school right?! but i'm doing well i just got over with my exams so i'm resting a bit

Red kie: are you still in an emo mood?

Me: nope not any more thanks to all my friends here at myO and at school. you all are a gr8 help thanks for being there for me

GIDRA: How come U haven't changed
U'r avi.Where is Death girl?

ME: well that avi was a gift from you so i just can't discard it right and anyways i love that avi and i'll keep for as long as i can

RSRKingdomStar: do you want a hug?^^ *hugglezz* X3

ME: thanks for the hug




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Saturday, August 4, 2007

   hey there
Hi everyone
I’m so sorrry i haven't updated in ages like most of you know when ,y sis is around I can't use the internet cuz it's on HER computer and she's been around for over a month also I went on a pilgrimage with my family for a week which is why I couldn't talk to my myO pals on the messenger and i'm sooooo sorry i left without informing you all *goes on knees to apologize* well the internet server here has been going crazy too so i'll be updating next week i'll also be putting up pic's of my pilgrimage

Question of the day:
Do you like going up mountains?
Do you have a question for me?

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Monday, July 16, 2007

i spent my weekend sleeping i just wasn't put to doing anything i on saturday i woke up at 9 had my breakfast went to my extra class and then came home at 12.30 and slept off
then on sunday i woke up at 10 am slept at 12 and then woke up at 6.30 pm
all i did was chat till 12.45 at night THAT'S IT! one boring weekend

well it's a holiday in school today i'm not quite sure why but hey who Care's as long as we get a day off it's fine with me ^^ but maybe today i'd do something fun like go to the movies i'm sick of staying home all day i need a day out

well things are getting better with me and my friends i'm going back to beeing the old me but as always school work keeps piling up and it's keeping me busy most of the times

well thats about it!

see ya on friday

question of the day:
what's your dream vacation?
do you have any question for me?

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Saturday, July 14, 2007

i don't know what to believe
this is what kittyqueen16 said:

ok,i heard on imeem that bush is goin to try to ban anime from america!!!im not sure why but they are makin groups like 'i hate bush' and things like that,its not fair!why does bush want to ban anime?if you guys would then please do some reaserch on bush or somethin,we anime fans gotta stick together

p.s. you can repost this or somethin,we need to spread the news"

this is what kittyqueen16 said.

LOVE ANIME!!! If anime is banned, I believe it would be an encroachment on my freedom of press and speech! And you are not allowed to do that!!!
If you do that, then you must also get rid of R- rated movies, and pretty much ANYTHING that might be offensive to people!!! There is no law that says you HAVE to watch or read anything that has to do with Manga or Anime.
Honestly, I don't see HOW President Bush can ban such a thing from the United States. Yes, some anime out there can be sexual, and yes, he is the president, but really, it's not anyone else's concern hearing of this proposed "banning" of anime in the U.S. is just idiotic. There's many shows on television now that show worse things, so why not ban them while you're at it? (not that I am complaining, just stating). And of course, seeing this is plastered around the internet, it's kind of hard to really believe if this is actually true or not. If indeed it is, someone is just trying to get a rise out of others, or the president really has more issues than I would have thought.

THIS IS WHAT www.petitiononline.com HAS TO SAY CURSE THEM :

To: George Bush
Here in America, we live in a climate of moral decay. What is the cause of this? It is called "anime". Anime is a perverse, evil, insiduous form of animation from the dark land of Japan, and is corrupting America's youth at unprecedented rates. Here are a few examples of anime which are circulating on the Internet and may very well be in your home:

1) Ah My Goddess: A sick and disgusting show which causes children under the age of 18 to think they are capable of love. The main female character is clearly under 18, and is forced into a romantic relationship by an older man who "wishes" for her to be his girlfriend forever. He even KISSES her, and she appears NAKED. That poor girl must be so confused.

2) Love Hina: I'm not even going to mention the unspeakable, disgusting, pedophilic, pornograhpic events which transpire during this show, but suffice it to say, groups of young men on Love Hina-fueled rampages are raping children at a level unheard of since the 60s.

If you are a parent or a decent human being, I urge you to sign this petition to ban all forms of anime in the United States. Anyone who is found in possesion of anime should be arrested and jailed for an exhorbant period of time. Anime is a dark scourge upon our beautiful nation, and we don't need this Japanese filth corrupting the hearts of the children.

As a resonsible Christian, I demand to see this garbage removed from our nation. Please sign this petition and send it to George Bush, your Congressman, and the makers/distributors of anime filth and depravity.

Do the right thing.



*looks at the digits and laughs* these people should know 74-80% ppl on the net are anime fans

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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

WELL i know it's been a very long time since my last post and i'm really sorry about that i really am *falls on knees* please forgive me

well school started on the 2 so i'm back to my normal routine and i will only post once a week cause it's really getting busy but i will visit sites through out the week now for the update

we have had so bad weather from the past 3-4 days it's been raining alot and some places here are flooded also the phones and web was down for 4 days, it not flooded where i live but they are saying that we will have some heavy rain here lets just hope for the best

i back to slogging for 12 hours a day we have been loaded with work from day one, i had some projects to do in my vacation and i was supposed to make 3 experiment files one for each biology, chemistry and physics which i well.... you know i didn't do it so that has tripled my work ánd i having loads of trouble with my friends i just feel so left out and i don't feel like taking part in their silly conversations i've also stopped playing pranks in school and i'm becoming more of a zombie each day which is worrying me alot i'm just no me anymore OH! NEE-SAN WHERE ARE YOU I NEED TO TALK TO YOU

ja ne

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Monday, June 18, 2007

after 29 years
it's about 9.45 pm right now i got a call from my friend five min ago she asked me to look outside at the moon
today after 29 years moon and Venus could be seen together i tried to take a pic but it wasn't so clear but it is beautiful the crescent moon and the yellow dot like Venus i hope you all get to see it in the news

well my Grandma in much better now she will be discharged in a few days but she might have to go through an operation to remove some stones in her gall bladder

well 3 of my cousins are coming from Canada i have never met them so i'm kinda nervous they are all coming to meet my grandma even though she is much better now they will be coming on Wednesday .

well i got a break from my extra classes so i'll be going of to the movies and maybe watch alot of animes and movies on DVD i'll also be learning Japanese vocabulary this week but thats after my nee-san's exams are over

ja ne

what do you think is the best and worst pick up line?

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

i'm back
hello everyone
i've been back for over three days but sorry i couldn't update

we came back from the hills cause my grandma was unwell and is in the hospital she was detected with acute pancreatitis but the doc's say she'll be fine in a week or so

Boring life
i 'really don't have anything to say just that it's really very hot here and i'm sick because of this heat it's abt 47.6 C you can actually fry and egg on the road and i'm not joking i've been studying and slogging well that about it

A Ray Of Hope
Raina ( my nee-san) has been teaching me japanese over msn so ya my vaca's aren't going that boring when i'm online but offline is a different story

see ya

p.s i will be visiting everyones site tomorrow

what color do you hate the most?

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Monday, June 4, 2007

   well be gone for a week
as my cousins are here we will be going to the hills for a week and i don't think i'll be able to update
please don't forget me i'll be back for sure i promise
i'll miss you all
take care
ja ne

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