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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Oh yea! As you can tell i got a whole new box ^^ its funner and easier! Thanks too Sessy cause i got it from off his page ^^ Send me a hi every now and then please!

Well today has been kinda bleak and boring XP but then again my days usually are. Kiba and i were hanging out last night but then he had to go to work so i was left all alone T.T but duty calls i suppose XD i still need to find a job tho >.O im going outta my mind trying to find one!!

I wrote Kiba a really sweet poem today, it came from my heart and he really liked it xD he said it was sweet and he replied with a note and tried to make me one but he says hes not really a poet so hes not that great :P Neither am i! i just wrote how i felt in the best words i could explain it in!

Now i shall get to all your sites, i mean the ones that have updated of course! and BladeAlchemist i added you to my Deviantart ^^ my name is Mojogroupie by the way just in case anyone would want to add me!

Random Picture:

Image #1

yay! today i randomly chose the Mabadachi Trio!!Which consists of Aayame, Hatori, and Shigure from Fruits Basket ^^ go them!!

Random Question:

Is DeathNote any good?

Me: Actually im asking you all because ive never read it X3 but id like to get into it so please tell me if you know ^^

Seeeeeee you all later!!


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Monday, December 18, 2006

more Dane Cook XD he ish god so we should all bow down XD

Well not much has been going on lately actually ive been having pretty boring/busy days...unfortunately none of them are exciting :/ im gonna be going shopping soon and i saw some of my good friends new artwork!

Does anyone who comes to my site have Deviantart? Not you ElvesAteMyRamen i already know you have one and you too Karumichan! ^_^

Bah im really struggling with this vampire contest i just have no inspiration and the pic is due soon. No its not for the breast cancer thing...hah if i was competing against Elves i know for a fact i would never win! -_-' shes just too damned good!

My phone pissed me off this morning it started ringing at 6 in the morning and i wanted to sleep but lately whenever i try to fall back asleep it hasnt worked so i got up and took a shower XD

I ended up doing some Bleach fan art last night cause i was bored so soon i shall put that up for you all to see ^^

Random Picture:

Image #1

Yay Samurai Deeper Kyo!! It is a really good manga you know, and they even have the anime out!! WOOOOT!

Random Question:

What's your most hated vegetable?

Me: Cooked Spinach. I hate that stuff with a passion its too mushy and nasty tasting for me :P

Well tis all for now!


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Thursday, December 14, 2006

   Are you outta your fuckin mind?!?!
Does anyone watch Dane Cook? He is like the funniest comedian ever!!

Well i still have christmas shopping to do but Kiba insisits on coming over all the time! i tell him no i have to do shoppin and he says ill help carry stuff XD im like no no no you cant see what im going to get! and hes like well ill just hide outside the store till your done then -_-' hehe hes so cute in that hella nice way!

My days have usually involved me and Kiba and not much else X3 so i dont really know what to say...hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ive been drawing alot but i havent been on my computer at home so i cant put them up X3 hehe most of them are Naruto of course but yea ^^

Random Picture:

Image #1

its Chi from Chobits!! Shes so damned cute ^^

Random Question:

Are you going out with anyone?

Me: Yes as you may know cause i never shut up bout him, im going out with Kiba! lol his real name ish Ryan ^^ hehe



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