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Hi!! My name is Zan and I live in a house on the corner of Insane Av. and Crazy Ln. XD My favorite colors are yellow, rainbow, teal, and turquoise; my favorite foods are blackberries, garlic, breads, and Italian. I don't know what I'm going to be when I'm older, and I think fashion these days suck. I love Freddie Mercury (who my cat is the reincarnation of! XDD), Ellen DeGeneres, and Alton Brown. I also love anime, manga, music, yaoi, yuri, and cute, adorable things! ^-^ I also love smiles ( ^o^ |D TT~TT etc etc) and happy things. I hate to be sad, I can't spell worth a dime, and I think a lot of people should just go away. >.< If you what to know more about me then be my friend, I might tell you more. XD P.S- you can call me Fuchs if you want! It's my German name. XD

Auf Wiedersehen!!! ^.^