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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

And now, for something completely different!
The Stones are cool and all, but they get old fast. (LOL). My current fave band is....*drumroll*................NIRVANNA! And my current fave song is......IN BLOOM!
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Jumpin' Jack Flash
This is my second fave song by The Rolling Stones. Zinzanity azzack! ZAZAZAZAZAZAZANITYZ ARE ZOO FUZ!
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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sympathy for the Devil
It's an awesome song by the band of the week, Rolling Stones. You should at least google it. USe video.google.com and search for it.
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Music List
I'm gonna list my band of the week on here before every post starting today. My current fave band is the Rolling Stones. Song is Sympathy for the devil. Anyways, the song of the day will be the title of each post. Since I plan in being in a band in the (not so far) future, I have to listen to a lot of music, and learn the styles. So. Boredome ensues us all. May we break the mold.
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Friday, January 18, 2008

A smechiel friday post!
I might be able to get on more often, so I'll try to post. Today's post? Here's how it starts.

I decided to go to a different school than my friends, so now we're split up. I chose a good, small school, rather than the HUGE school just down the street. My middle school tried to push me TO this big school, but I refused, because most of the frosh are stupid. (Not my friends though). This post is to say that I miss them, so here it is... I MISS YOU ALL!!!

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

   3v11 71m3.
*maniacal laughter* Ohmygod........HEHEHE! *sigh* I'm done.
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   People are funny.
I was listening to my friend tell a joke, and it was hilarious. It was a part of Rush Hour Two, which I haven't seen. "I have a dream, of a time when white people, black people, and even chinese people can play poker, and get the same goddamn chips!"
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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

W311......Let's get started.
My plans for the near future include getting a guitar, and then soon joining a band, and hopefully going pro, and after that getting famous. If that doesn't work out,I'll make my own band, called Hand of Fate, or something like that. A pretty exciting life, no?
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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

   Good 2 b back.
W311 p30p13, I'm back. I may not be a vampiric king, but I will be a famous guitarist in the not so far future. I promise to not leave again. I can acess 4 days a week, at school. Anyways, It's good to be back.
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