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Sunday, February 3, 2008

bother bother
Every time I get on now I try to go through the fanart gallery and comment on as many images as I can. It's been fun ^^ I'm afraid I sound like a bitch though XP I try to go through and say some nice things, but also offer some healthy criticism. So many comments just seem to be "OMG KAWAII!!" or "I wish I could draw like that DX" I just figured people might want some advice too? Or maybe that's all the art school brainwashing kicking in...


Reminder that I'm going to be deleting images out of my gallery.

At the very soonest, I'm going to start deleting images on Tuesday. I won't be doing everything all at once and I will be starting with the oldest images first.


Added a new sketch. Another test sketch, like the last one I posted.

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