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Thursday, September 7, 2006

Yes, no, maybe, sometimes, thursday, up, down, all together now, don't get lost, fridays are grey, mondays are red, to read, to write, to lie, to fight, to cheat, to eat, to drink, to stink, tommorow, yesterday, west, north, apple, grape, urn, jar, to ride, to bide, to boast, to roast, to blind, to grind, to cry, to fly, black, grey, white, orange, blue, wednesday, saturday, sunday, sadness, memories, forgetting, or not, yes, maybe, I'll take nine, tommorows over, the money is mine, come again soon and try again, always forgetting the silly words of men, to win, to sin, to talk, to walk, to fall, to drawl, to see, to flee, to mine, to pine, to remember, to forget, to have lost it all and wept, to be right, to be wrong, to be stupid and not belong, to be smart, to be fast, to be slow, to be rash, to lie, to cheat, to cry, to fly, to sigh, to live, to die.


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