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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Farewll, Days of My Youth.
Just like the prodigal son, I have returned. However, it is with a heavy heart.

As I have seen it, the O and all of it's golden age scenery, has left me behind. I think what Adam is doing here needs to be done, as much as it sucks for the rest of us ol' timers.
Change is good because it is a necessary. Like a wheel, it revolves. With revolution comes evolution...change, essentially. It's something that will leave many of us in it's wake.

I do not hold anyone at The Otaku a grudge. Rather I embrace the changes and new ideals. Like a business, you must change to suit your clientel.
It is an inevitability, I'm afraid.

So, just as my dear brother LS and beloved sister Yensid have gone, so shall I.
I take with me a beautiful memory of all that was and of those who made it so.
Therefore, with this declaration, I hereby close the doors to the House of the Grifter. When and if they shall open again is anyone's guess.

Know that for these few years, I was very happy here. To those that called me friend, I say thank you. I will always regard you as friends.
To those that I, perhaps, mentored in some way, Your Sempai feels you are ready to spread those beautiful wings and take flight.
Know that my thoughts and prayers will be with you always.

Who knows, maybe we'll meet up at Anime Expo one day. I'll be that old guy wearing Grifter99 on his badge.
I have a future with Zealot...and little Grif/Zealot. So, Papa Grifter is going to be one busy hombre.

With these last words I honor you:

Lord Sesshomaru, Yensid, ElvesatemyRamen, Lytjuh, Knightedge, Kikyo27, DarkeAngel, Cronomage389, Angel Zakuro, Ace Gallagher, SpaceCowboyTV, SilverKitten, Shishou, Bunraku, JDPerson, Perios, SesshomaruMistress and HardLuckWoman.

Farewell, you sweet and tender hooligans.



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