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Thursday, January 24, 2008

I Think Therefore, I Am...I Think.

I was pleasantly surprised when I read the few and the faithfullís comments on my last post.
I wasnít looking for sappy stories or delusions of grandeur. I just wanted the truth, which is exactly what I got.
In my humble opinion, itís not what you have. Itís what you do with what you have that holds more weight. After all, you canít take it with you. So, why not give what you can with the time that you have.
Iím not just talking about giving away money. Iím talking about your time. After all, in this day and age, there is nothing more precious than our time.
Whether weíre speeding to work or getting up earlier to get some extra things accomplished. We give and take time for everything. We give time to help a friend move into a new place. We take time to help them celebrate when all the work is done. We take time to give something so simple as blood. In doing so, we give the gift of time to someone who needed a bit more of it. We can give away time to learn about our history. So long as we take the time to learn from it.
You see, money is not everything. Without time, money is nowhere, nothing, worthless.
Without time, what would you take to spend your money, anyway?

Anime Law of the Day

Anime Law #27 Law of Conservation of Firepower

Any powerful weapon capable of destroying/defeating an opponent in a single shot will invariably be reserved and used only as a last resort.

The Vad Bag

Hereís a bumper sticker Iíd like to see: ďWe are the proud parents of a child whoís self-esteem is sufficient that he doesnít need us promoting his minor scholastic achievements on the back of our car.Ē

Cloud nine gets all the publicity, but cloud eight actually is cheaper, less crowded, and has a better view.


Thought Iíd drop a little Bleach on you. Probably want to toss it in the washer before it messes up that concert t-shirt you're so proud of.
Yah...here ya go.


Parting Shots

The Golden Gate Bridge should have a long bungee cord for people who arenít quite ready to commit suicide but want to get in a little practice.


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