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Saturday, December 30, 2006

NeverPost Nights
I'm bad, I know. Sorry. Merry Belated Christmas!
Christmas...The Inu Gang Way
^_^ So my X-Mas was pretty good! None of my family members came from out of state, so it was just my mom, step-dad, and grandma at home. Still, it was nice to be together.
I ended up getting Dance Dance Revolution SuperNova and a dance pad! Woot! I'm totally obsessed now. (Almost as obsessed as I am with Pheonix Wright, anyone play that game?) Emi and Baby-lon are my favorite characters.
Emi struttin' her stuff.
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And Baby-lon...who's just too cute for words.
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I'll post more later. I PROMISE! Heh heh.
I'm going to go marvel at Twilight Princess now, we happen to be waiting for the Wii consol to get the game. ;_; It'll be fun though!
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