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Sunday, December 3, 2006

Gaia=fun for me
M'kay. So I'm at my dad's and I'm bored.

I decided to finally get an account on Gaia. ^-^
Gaia is an online anime/ RPG community. You get an avatar whose clothes are customizable with accessories bought with "gold", the currency of the Gaia world. You (represented by your avi) walk around and explore Gaia's many towns. It's kind of like Neopets without the pets.
My avatar's name is Ranpu-chan. "Ranpu" means light in Japanese, and I thought "chan" would make her seem more childish and innocent. Green Tea Pocky was already taken...but Ranpu-chan still has green hair! My identity shall still carry through! Hee hee.
So, if anyone would like to go check out Gaia...come look me up! ^-^
Short post today, sorry.
Shalle a le rilla,

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