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Sunday, August 24, 2008

It is a new year for me...

Generally my last 20 years of life were tinged with my childishness.

I do a lot of stupid, ridiculous and weird things. Then I hide in the excuse of my immaturity.

Is this the day I really dread? Where I have to take full responsibility of my actions and the society expects to be a productive. No doubt this is.

I may have lingered long enough from the lair of carelessness and sloth to be so impetous on offending others .But that is the way a child works. They make mistakes but are saved by their innocence and cuteness factor.

This marks the end of those comfy days when I need not be badgered by my actions, manners and resposibilities.

I may have had a grown-up and serious facade but on the contrary I'm just the child who yearns to play and enjoy although now I have no reason not to be.

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Monday, June 2, 2008

being stuborn
most of the time i cant help myself to cling to tiring thing. First i was proud of it because i thought i shows how industrious i am. But as i go on occupied by life's challenges they hinder my growth.
I do trivial things. things that neglect those that bring productivity. i was guilty whet Dr. House said "I dont work hard i work smart". This shows that i may strive to be tired for the cause of nothing which ends up to nothing.
It is harh to relax for awhile and make a plan to make things easy. i know that there are more important thing that speed(like innovation, ingeneuity etc) but may be it is because of that habit that i have develop that made me respond to each situation as i will be.
but i know i wi;; find a way and in the end i just make it "COOL".

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

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   I' already fourth year
i cannot seem to ignore my feelings of leaving the campus life, wherein my problems will only be studies":exams, projects, quiz ect... Today i say, that they are really big deal but after my graduation, the main concern will be "the real world". I have not realized hyow i have been so reliant to my parents, teachers and classmates.
I have denpend on my financial support to my parent. they have given me both luxury and necessity of life but now its time to return the favor. i would have to help them in the studies of my brothers and sisters and specially not become a burden.
to my teachers, I have relied on their approval. I always do what they say ,although not completely because some of those instructions i follow with grunts and complaints. But but the world outside the campus is different you are responsible for your life. There are no grades for you to work with just you. imagine i relied on grades to express my life. how sad. i realized that most of the time i have worked for their approval thatt all this time my actions were based from what they say. now they are gone, what am I?
My school years, i have a place in a class room. I was the studious serious type of person. i was comfrotable at that place. but in the real word, its different. I would have to find my niche work on it and be satisfied. I do not know with other people but to me, i need to perform a role, somewhat like a self importance behavior. It sustains my confidence and satisfaction in life.
may be life is not so bad after all. I would just have to decide for it by my self. Now, this is the real frontier, i need to use my creativity in order to live a life beyond mediocrety. there are lots of opportunities unlike in accademics that there is just one way,grades.

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

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Letting go?
Is letting go of everything that I think I am the same as saying I am nothing? And in the nothingness....anything can be born. So it's the same as saying I am everything. If I could let go of everything I think I am . . . There would be no box to live in, no living fallacy. If I could let go of everything I thought I was . . . Maybe I could be free.
-katrina(of some site)-

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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

   Nag paparinig
this late days i have been stress has i was when i have the responsibility of my class ages ago.
i might have been too disrespectful, impulsive, unconcerned to people around me and inconsiderate. Thus, i beg forgiveness.

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Paniking burger

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   Paniking burger
Haaa!!! Im So screwed up!!! I bit more than i could chew. so many responsibilities and pressure. But I will not panic. Yes, there is no need to panic. It will only exhaust my energy and make mistakes- not the WAY.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

   OR Duty
Being barge in my head about the seriousness of the area I seem to be taken aback then force to escape from this world.Of course I can't do that. What ever I do the whole world will not wait for me to be ready. I must move with its pace though It seem to be difficult for me

Guess this life is not a script to be rehearse but to be lived and that means being spontaneous.

May I be bless and be guided by the Spirit....

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