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Monday, November 14, 2005

   Coffee or Tea?
Well another night has come... and i dont think ill be sleeping any time soon, i slept in horrendously late today. (5:00 PM!!!!)so if im going to be be able to do anything tomarrow i might have to just stay up and wait it out. And of course the ultimate question Tea Or Coffee? well with me the awnsers a bit complicated... i used to be addicted to coffee id drink almost two or three pots a day... i mean im sure there are worse habbits but you know... so i stoped drinking it... and well where almost out of tea so most what i whould be drinking is sugar water if i made some... oh woes is me... Lol'im amazed bye my 33 visits, i can only imagin some poor souls accidently stumbled acrost all my wineing (and terrable spelling) i post hear. well thats today.

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