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Tuesday, November 1, 2005

   Happy Halloween
>.> well i dont know about ells where but its halloween here... this used to be one of my favorite hallowdays but where i'm living now im utterly deprived of my favorite sport: scare the hell out of little kids. and well im way too inbarised to go trickor-treating at my age... exspecialy without any one one ells to do it with. all my freinds are off working or just being cooler then i am ( Lol') . so im stuck here tonight, i dunoo maby ill slink and go watch some horror movies (my favorite kind of movies btw). >.> that about sums it up. Oohhhh! Tales From The Crypt! i havnt seen that in ages! ill be lurking around, hope every one ells has something better to do today- bye

p.S. (22 visits now, lol' i dont think id even visit me that many times)

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