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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Mansun--Electric Man
Hiya! I hope you like my new theme. Obviously, I'm still on my Loveless kick. I hope to move on to Gankutsuou or Kyo Kara Maoh soon (if I can possibly manage it). If you like this background, then you can find it in my Wallpapers section. Also, if you're having problems reading my post because of the table background, view this site in Firefox (which supports image transparency. See my intro! It's free, it will import your IE bookmarks, and your computer will thank you for removing the microslop browser with all of its security holes and sloppy code).

I've been recently obsessed with Get Backers (kinda behind the times with this one). Have any of you watched it? I went to a site featuring Ban and Ginji last month, and since it was highly recommended, I decided to dig out the episodes from the nether regions of my external drive and watch them. I hardly expected to be as enthralled as I am, but I've even rented the ADV dubbed version of the series so I can take screencaps (the dub is rather decent--ADV, of course, often comes through for us), and I think it totally rocks. Maybe I can work up a Get Backers theme soon...

I've also been buying manga like mad. Actually, I'm now broke because of it. T_T
*zombie chant: must work harder to support the North American manga market*

I'll be coming around to your sites in the morning (right now I'm about to collapse from all of my layout experiments). And Stan-chan is driving me crazy because outdoor kitties are on the prowl (the windows are up, so he can smell and hear them, I guess). Plus, it's severely, uncomfortably hot here. WTF? I'm going to go lay down under the ceiling fan...

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