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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Michael - Franz Ferdinand
Today was fabulous! My manga came! I've finished reading Saiyuki Reload 3, Love Mode 2, Death Note 1, and the first Gravitation novel. I've had the scanlations for all but the novel, but I really need the manga in my hands. I need to be able to move around to my various reading perches around the house or be able to take my favorite manga with me when I go on a trip (especially if I don't expect much entertainment at my destination). Anyone else feel the same way? Hellsing is my only exception. I think that the Dark Horse productions actually suck in terms of the translation, so I'll probably never buy them outright (stop hiring amateur translators who can't be rigorous in their translations, DH! Don't glorify the anime so much that you loose sight of the fact that those stupid accents are a complete fiction of the English dubs. :p).

Question of the day: If you read scanlations of manga, do they satisfy you when you really love the series, or do you break down and buy?

Repeat post (since I kinda edited after everyone visited me):
Thanks for your interest in Loveless! Here are some links for oturan ikamuzu to Anime News Network's info for Gravitation and Loveless. They don't have anything to do with each other, production-wise, but they are both really great for us fangirls who like to see kissing boys!

Shinkiro, there's not much more BL in Lovelesss than a bit of kissing, some protestations of love, and many reasons for both of these features that may not have anything to do with the obvious. ;) I hedge my bets...The DVD arrived from Netflix today (I wouldn't have cancelled my order if I couldn't for sure get my fix).

Though I've seen the fansubs of Loveless (how else would I know how much I love it?), I've just got to have the high quality DVD version for screencaps and stuff. Plus, it's always best to buy when you really love a series. And I love this one so much! <3<3<3 (few anime productions actually deserve three hearts in my book).

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