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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Tip Your Hooker - Head Automatica
Well, I really enjoyed the Hellsing OVA episode 1. I thought it pretty much followed the manga (though I still like Hellsing TV, and the music from Hellsing TV is better than the OVA music, IMO). I'm still only about 3/4 of the way through Gankutsuou (Count of Monte Christo). I adore it, but I know what's coming, and I'm afraid it will completely turn me off from my Gankutsuou craze. So, I'm avoiding the next episodes (why do I have to read spoilers? *le sigh*).

I'm expecting manga to arrive tomorrow--nice, yummy X/1999 and Death Note--which I currently only have in scanlation form. Also, the first Gravitation novel and Love Mode volume 2 will be on their way to me. Yay.

My Loveless DVD has still not been sent out, though, so I'm canceling my order from DVDEmpire. I'll wait until it's in stock at Rightstuf and get it with all my other manga, I guess.

OK, I'm going to start making the rounds. I'm sorry I missed Valentine's Day (I figured my comments would be too depressing anywayz). XD Ah! and as you see, a new Loveless theme. Hope you like it. I'll try to move away from Loveless soon, but I haven't received my DVD, so it's hard to be satisfied. >.>

EDIT: Thanks for your interest in Loveless! Here are some links for oturan ikamuzu of Anime News Network's info for Gravitation and Loveless. They don't have anything to do with each other, production-wise, but they are both really great for us fangirls who like to see kissing boys!

Shinkiro, there's not much more than a bit of kissing, some protestations of love, and many reasons for both that may not have anything to do with the obvious. ;) I'm waiting for it to come to me via Netflix, too. Which was the only way that I could cancel my order and wait to buy. >.> I hedge my bets...actually, it's supposed to be in the mail already, but it hasn't turned up yet. If I don't receive it later today, I'm going to report the thing as missing. Though i've seen the fansubs, i've just got to have the high quality DVD version for screencaps and stuff. Plus, it's always best to buy when you really love a series. And I love this one so much! <3<3<3 (few things actually deserve three hearts in my book).

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