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Thursday, February 9, 2006

No Pressure Over Cappucino - Alanis Morisette
Note on song: even though I totally forgot about the unplugged album (gosh, has it really been 7 years?!), BurningD has this song playing on her site. I'm suddenly re-interested in Alanis. Despite her casual use of the word "ironic," which is almost single-handedly responsible for the inability of my students to grasp an accurate concept of literary irony, we should give her a second chance, perhaps?

Well, today, my sister finally got her homeowners insurance company to send a contractor to fix her heating unit. We were under the impression (since that's what her disclosure statement says) that her heat was electric. Apparently, it's gas! No wonder our gas bill is so inexplicably high (we thought the water heater was the only gas powered item we had)!

Tonight, my sister and I are going off the diet. Pizz~~~a... Tomorrow, we've planned to go to IHOP. :D I'm looking forward to a change of food. We've been trying to eat low carb stuff (steak and shrimp last night, tuna steak with salad the night before that) ever since the Christmas holidays have passed (we've been more or less successful, but some weekends...hmmm...about once a month *scratches chin, wonders*, we have to derail).

Anyway, I've ordered my Loveless manga from JustManga, and it's already shipped out. Yay-ness! I'm so looking forward to it! I hope Tokyopop has treated it right. I was sort of hoping that BLU would have picked it up, but...sadly, no. Anyone else interested in Loveless?

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