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Saturday, February 4, 2006

Butterfly on a Wheel--The Mission (U.K.)
OK. I submitted the Loveless wallpapers I'm relatively happy about. If you like them, please get them from my Wallpapers section rather than by following the link to my host site (yes, this one can be found in the Wallpapers section, and it'll save me a smidge of bandwidth. Yay!).

I'm not even going to beg your pardon this time. I've been running into the ground. My boss gave me more responsibility at work, then had to be taken to the hospital with cardiac arrest. He's recovering, but we've all been working like mad to get the February issue in order. But my job isn't limited to helping get out the issue. I've already been assigned two more revisions to copyedit (just finished one a second ago). Whew. And somehow, i've got a dissertation to write...

In other news, my scan group probably hates me. I noticed that the translation missed all of the sfx. We usually include them. I mentioned this two weeks ago (two weeks over my deadline) and got the reply: "oh, we're working from the Chinese version, so the sfx are shit. Leave them in." Aaaack! Leave them in?! I'd love to! Too bad I already cloned them out of the manga scans! So I'm re-doing them in my spare time (when I'm not collapsing), but I find it's much more fun to surf the manga and anime forums from work and make cute Loveless wallpapers whenever I have Photoshop open at home. I'll never get this 60 pages edited. T_T

Anyway, I'm going around to all of you now. I hope you all haven't totally given up on me. *teary eyes*


Burning D--I'm trying to visit you, but your page keeps automatically sending me to Microsoft for some license to view a file. Then it tells me my browser's not supported, but it won't let me go back without redirecting me again and again. Sorry!

inuyasha311--you, too, honey. i get all kinds of errors on your page. T_T and i can't find your "comment" link at all.

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