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Monday, December 10, 2007

alternate/new anime/manga titles
hey all... me and my friends have been coming up with alternate/new anime/manga titles...if anyone has some one that i don't have on here, comment and leave it...i think it's fun


Full Metal Alchemist- Half Plastic Druid
Fruits Basket- Meat Locker
Devil May Cry- Jesus Will Laugh
Ph. D.- G.E.D
Wolf's Rain- Tiger's snow
Sensual Phrase- Normal Words
DNAngel- RNADevil
Mugen Spiral- Confined Circle
Naruto- Shikamaru
Final Fantasy- First Reality
Bleach- Tide
Death Note- Life Journal
Sailor Moon- Pirate Sun
Eureka 7- Hallelujah 14
Zelda- Sheik
Loveless- Hatemore
Pocket Monsters- Jumbo Children
Dragonball- Lizard Cube
Inuyasha- Cat Angel
Fire Emblem- water Logo
Trigun- 2 Swords
Tokyo Mew Mew- Osaka Bark Bark
One Piece- 2 Slices
Bobobo-bo bo-bobo- Lalala-la la-lala
Ah! My Goddess- Oh! My Demon
Gravitation- Straight!... lol
.Hack- ,Break
Cowboy Bebop- Astronaut Ladeeda
Resident Evil- International Grace
Sonic The Hedgehog- Checkers the Porcupine
Hello Kitty- Goodbye Doggy
Silent Hill- Loud Valley
Street Fighter- Alley Dancer
Big O- Small q

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