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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

My first post!! ^.^;/)
My grandma, who is really sick and smokes, is still really sick. Its been going on for a really long time now...like a month. She's goin to the doctors on Thrusday...tomorrow, to see what is wrong with her. 'cause before they said she had food poisioning...then the flu, but the flu doesn't last this long. So she is finaly going to see what is wrong with her tomorrow. I just hope its noting bad like some disease or something from her smoking. Shes the only one, other than my mom's side of the family, that I really like in my family. I just hate the rest. And now I'm sick ;.; ..just a little cold though, sore throat, stuffy nose...crap like that.

Well enough of the sad stuff...for i must be happy for tomorrow. 'cause I have to give a speech in front of my whole JROTC program. Somethin about what is goin on now and what I will have to be doing next year...like working with all cadets and stuff. Pointless really. But I also get to promote people and give out awards to peoples. ^.^ Thats always fun.

Then on Friday my whole choir class has to do individual singing tests in front of the whole class!! I get stage fright really bad when i do that and I can hardly sing...if it wer'nt for the select 5 that were fooling around...we wouldn't have to do it. But nooo...they had to make my teacher really mad, and we are'nt the best class to begin with so..yea. >.>..<.<; Well I must go now...

ja ne
Gojyos girl

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