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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Wie geht es heute? I miss all of u so much. I am sorry I am not on anymore. I don't have a computer at home so only time I can get on is at my grandma's house and at the library but I don't go to either of those places that much anymore. not that much has been going on with me now on. I will hopefully be moving to Omaha in with my cuz during this summer and then going to her school. I lost most of my friends in Wahoo because they hate gay people. and well I finally came out and when they found out they slowly just stoped talking to me. Then it started. the name calling again and the notes telling me I need to leave Wahoo. And then the notes telling me how unchristan I am because I am gay. And the rumors about how I have STDS and that I am with a different guy every weekend and that I date 40 year olds and some much more stuff. My church hates me. and so does some of my family. but otherwise school has been fine and I still get good grade. So see u all later.

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