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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

   Hi, again! ^^'
Happy July Month, everyone! =^o^= Meow!

Time of post: 10:47 a.m.

Well, looks like those message things are back again. ^^ Yay! Now I can talk to my friends again at last since months ago! ^^

Today, I'm here to warn you guys that I will not be on the computer on Friday cause my family are staying for my litle stupid sister's gradutation and later becoming a kindergarder... ^^ Yippy-yahi-!!! Whatever... --

Oh, and also, do any of you go to myspace? Cause I go to myspace for a bit so if you do, message me so I can give you my username to find me... ^^

Today, I got more comics from Neopets to show. Their cute and funny! Enjoy! =^u^= Meow!

~Goddess Leviathan~

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Monday, June 19, 2006

   Sorry... ^^'
Happy July Month, everyone! =^o^= Meow!

Time of post: 12:45 p.m.

Sorry that I forgot to post again. ^^' It's becasue I'm somehow lazy or I go to other stuff on the computer instead... ^U^'

About the other stuff on the computer, I go to myspace.com for awhile since I'm bored and I don't have no one to talk to for awhile. I get bored easily... ^^ And also I go to Neopets to check some stories to read that I like about anything about thieves and such... ^^'

And I got not much but NeoPet comics I've found, so enjoy it... ^^' And also, I've heard that their making a NeoPet Movie that's coming this winter. Wee!

~Goddess Leviathan~

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

   Hi, again... ^^
Happy July Month, everyone! =^o^= Meow!

Time of post: 9:25 a.m.

Not much to think about, except I'm playing the PS2 again of Kingdom Hearts 2. Well, I got a e-mail from my friend Cat about when we can see each other for the first time, but we have to make plans first about it later. She said she was goanna teach me how to swim later on. That's right! I can't swim! >0< But I'm good at drowning... ^^'

No comic to show since yesturday, but funny videos to show... ^^ LOL

P.S. Go to this sites to find out about this really funny Kingdom Hearts shows...and Bunny Kill that is about a white bunny that's cute and kills other bunny...err...just go there!




~Goddess Leviathan~

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Monday, June 12, 2006

   Already Summer Vacation... ^^'
Happy July Month, everyone! =^o^= Meow!

Time of post: 1:30 p.m.

Not much happened to me except I'm tired and alot hungryer than I am... ^^' Man...but I'm goanna start to excerise tommorrow. It's been awhile since my dance class started to run on the track... ^^ (P.S. NO! I'M NOT FAT! I WEIGHT 120 lbs. THANK YOU! >0< AND I'M AVERAGE! TOO!)

Anywho, not much to show but I'm pyshc about 'Kimba the White Lion' now! I never knew about him till watching a little preview on my old PokeMon videos I got when I was 7 years old. I want to get the movie of it so I can find out more about it, but I hardly have any money since I don't have school, that means I can't get lunch money till August... :(

So, anyway, I'm playing KH2 again (thanks to my other friend to borrow from) and I beat the Lion King again and I'm off to Hollow Bastion to Tron's World again but I haven't got there yet. I stopped for awhile... ^^'

Anywho, here's another comic and couple music videos I've choosed... C-ya... ^^

I got the French of Lion King 2: We are One
It's cute to listen. Better than English a little

This is Lya Song from Kimba

Lion King in French: I Can't Wait To Be King

~Goddess Leviathan~

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Wednesday, June 7, 2006

   Almost there... ^u^
Happy July Month, everyone! =^o^= Meow!

Time of post: 1:25 p.m.

Well, looks like about two more days till summer vacation! YAY!!!!!! LOL ^^ For awhile, I'll be sitting on my ass and watch t.v., go on the computer, and play my PS2 games. =^u^= Meow!

For awhile, I'm playing a game called "Scaler" It's a boy who turn into a shape-swifting calmaleon and off to a portal and to start his quest in the new world where lizards and beasts are.

This is him:

Anyway, I'm playing it since Sunday and it looks like I'm close to beat it. It's not really a hard game to play... ^^'

About a week or two ago, the computer in the living room, where I work on my stories had broke...or at least the montier did. So, I have to wait till my uncle comes and fixes it. I WANT TO FINISH UP MY STORIES!!!!!!!!!! >0<

Not much to show but a Naruto episode 4; my favorite. ^^ And a comic.... Enjoy... ^^ (Sorry; the show is in Japanese; hope you look at the subtitles ^^')

~Goddess Leviathan~

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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

   Hi, guys ^^
Happy July Month, everyone! =^o^= Meow!

Time of post: 3:10 p.m.

Hi, guys! ^^ Just one more week to go till summer vacation for me! YAY!!!!! ^^

Today I was watching Sonic Underground today with my friend at school with a DVD player. She loved it. ^^ And yesturday, I got to play Shadow the Hedgehog game again, and I'm trying to finish what I'd started in it. And also.... KINGDOM HEARTS 2!!!!!!!!!!! ^^ Well, it's my friend's game, but he let me borrow it. I hope I can finish it before June 9. That's the last day till I see him again till we're Juniors... ^^'

On Sunday, maybe, I'm goanna get my earpierces just like Manic from Sonic Underground. Yay... Manic Mode...STILL ^u^ And also show my friend the games I want to show her, too.... ^^

Oh, and also there's going to be a new game of Sonic. Sonic Next Generation for PS3 but I'm not sure it's going to be for the PS2 too. I hope it does, because I can't buy a PS3! It's too much money! Like about $600 or more! Later when it comes out!!! >0<

Here's some music videos ramdomy... ^^ Enjoy

~Goddess Leviathan~

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

   GOT THEM!!!!!
Happy July Month, everyone! =^o^= Meow!

Time of post: 4:20 p.m.

Hi, guys! Guess what?! I got my DVDs of Sonic Underground! YAY!!! But there's a problem; I can't play it on the PS2, so I've got my sister's DVD player and started watching it. I'm already at episode 37. I got it on Friday, where my friend had it, and pick it up on Saturday when heading to the mall together.

Not much is happened, but the Spring Fest. is coming on Thursday and Friday for us. It's when all the clubs come together and do lots of fun, and there will be food... ^^ :p

Okay...now I want to be a fan of Manic. I'm still in Manic Mode ^^ So, I'm trying to get another set of earrings on my ears maybe next Saturday with my friends, but I have to keep it a secret, otherwise my mom will find out about it, and she'll get mad, but it's going to be too late once she finds out... ^^ *giggling like a thief* and also a fanny back and chain necklace =^-^= Meow!

Today, I was watching some shows on Flashplayer.com like Kingdom Hearts, When Angels Deserve to Die Pt. 1 & 2, and this Japenese show of a girl trying to be a average girl but was a devil and fighting her talking Japenese rabbit. It was funny ^^ LOL

Bored today, so I'm might change some stuff on the site later on if I can or don't want to, -__-

Here's a music video and comic. Enjoy -O- *yawn*

~Goddess Leviathan~

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Friday, May 19, 2006

   Happy today!!! ^u^
Happy July Month, everyone! =^o^= Meow!

Time of post: 10:55 a.m.

Hi, guys. Not much happened excepted I'm done with my PowerPoint project of the Korean War... ^u^

Yesturday, I was playing Sly 3 and looks like I'm almost finish, but I had trouble with one part of the game, and it's kinda hard. I have to jump on this hook that's a bit far from me, and I gave up. I did it about 15 times!!!!! >0<

Then, I've played .hack 2 game instead. I was with Mia the catwoman and Elk the wavemaster and friend to Mia. Somehow, Mia couldn't talk right. I wondered what happened... ^^' I mean, the game IS called "Mutation" Maybe that's why some things are going wrong... ^^'

Well, it looks like the person got the money order for my Sonic Underground DVD collection and said she would send them this Tuesday or next Tuesday.... ^^ YAY!!!!!!!!!!! DOUBLE YAY!!!!!!!! ^^ *I feel good! Da na na na na!* *Chest on fire....can't breathe...* *Fall over*

Manic: "I'll handle this..."


Manic: "I am NEVER doing CPR on Goddess Levithan..."

Sonic's thought: "Retard..."

~Goddess Leviathan~

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

   Nothing much.... - -'
Happy July Month, everyone! =^o^= Meow!

Time of post: 11:05 p.m.

Hi, guys! ^^ Not much is happening over here, except doing a PowerPoint of the Korean War for my history project.... BBBBBBBBOOOOORRRRRRINGGG...!!!! >-<

Yesturday, I bought the .hack 2 game for $5 from my friend.... ^^ And played it for a little while at home. It was alright, but I was also playing the Sly 3 game. Man, I have to keep up with these games... -_-'

Today, I was trying to come up with a Japanese nickname for me something to do with a cat or anything of or about it. My friend thought of panter called "pansa" I thought for awhile, and thought it was okay, till I've remmebered in Tenchi Muyo, "Ryoki" So, now I go with that name instead... ^^

Sorry, no music videos or pictures today. Well, I got to get going now. See Ya!

~Goddess Leviathan~

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Thursday, May 11, 2006

   A bit Hot... '^^'
Happy July Month, everyone! =^o^= Meow!

Time of post: 5:50 p.m

Not much today, except it's a bit hot here since its sunny all the time... '^^' *Sweating*

Anywho, I'm playing the Sly 3 game and the Kingdom Heart One game since I have to defeat Riku II. He's a bit hard for me, but I have to finish it so I can play the second game before Summer Break comes soon... ^^'

Today, I'm doing my Poem thing to take all my poems and put them in a book for my homework. It's not that hard; I'm doing it all in the computer... ^^

Today, here's some music videos of Kiba and Akimaru from Naruto... Enjoy... ^^

P.S. I've sent the order to the person for the Sonic Underground DVDs. I can't wait till it gets here soon... ^^ YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~Goddess Leviathan~

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