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Monday, March 6, 2006

GUYS HAVE NO CARE..no im not sexist >

LOL...I have like noooo love life ;-;. All the guy s think that im some phsyco ><. And the guy that doesss like me is like..a good friend that i DONT like. Why must guys be sooo complicated. They are alwayysss confused about their choice in girls. We are like NOT toys. Boys are not supposed to play with our hearts right?? I mean really, they think that they are the dominant kind. Girls are human too. Sheeesh. We have our problems and they are SUPPOSED to be gentlemen and listen to us. We do EVERYTHING for them, make ourselves look pretty, cook for them, clean for them, the least they can do is listed to us. Right???

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Sunday, February 12, 2006

^O^ SNOW!!

ITS SNOWING!! its like 2 feet by my house but im like sick so i cant go outside >_< *sighs* i really wanna go outside...its so tempting >_> lol

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my heart

my heart has been broken.... nothing matters..... i feel soooo stupid for even thinking that he could ever like me.... (thinking about how i should join the dove self-esteem fund) im so stupid..... im overlooked... im not supposed to be noticed...im the shadow..... not the body..... i can never be the body.... i will always be the shadow... until the day one of us dies.... i will be the shadow.... and until then..i shall wait... for my turn... to step into the light

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Saturday, February 11, 2006


forget the last post....idk about him anymore >_>..... *sigh*....

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OMGOMG!!! i couldnt like sleep at all like last night cause this guy that i liked asked me to dance.... dont ask why im soo happy....i just am...this is like the first time a guy asked me to dance...im sooo pathetic -_-...o well.....im just SOOOO HAPPY!!!^^;....lol....ive been like spazzing all night long...its ridiculus....lol.... *spazzing*

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Sunday, February 5, 2006

im a newbie

im a newbie >_>
dont ask why i have so much gaara on this page.... i dont really know why either >_>
anyways, i hope you like it...i still am tryin to figure out how to work this place... but hey.... at least i made a friend who helped me make this ^^ (renotheturk)- look at his pictures.. their totally awesome ^^ he did my backround and all..... ^^

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Saturday, February 4, 2006

i still dont know how to use this place

i still dont know how to use this place even though ive been on it for like a few hours straight>_>........

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tryin to figure out how to work this thing.... >_<

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