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Monday, November 5, 2007

   hey guys

as it seems not to many ppl come on anymore :( anyways how is everyone today? im just having a shitty day. i dont know why well i doo but im overly upset. one of my friends ( or at least who i thought to be my friend) basicly told me i was nothing ya i dont know. maybe im just bitching for nothing. two if my good friends are engaged and stil they started dating everything that happened with them seemingly happened with me and my gf soo ya and i was telling my friend about this and he told me basicly that i wasnt good enough to prepose( sorry cant spell) to tem and i was really hurt by it. its to soon and i know that i dont need to be told that. im not the one living in my friend's basement cuz i got caught stealing my parents new bmw. fuck. soo ya im having a really bad day.


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