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Sunday, October 1, 2006

   AniMagic.... (boring)
yeah, really boring, nothing there but crazy cosplay ppl and fangirls/boys. uhhh, however i did aquire some minions as alucard. they freaking cornered me in the very small dealers hall and i had to bite them both to get them to leave me alone. However, the attention as sort of flattering. At least they knew who i was, even if i did get mistaken for Edward Elric and Ackabane? wtf? he doesnt wear a red coat!! -_-; anyways, we almost freaking died on the way there taking the alternate route because of a freaking fire!! it was a winding road all the way there and it had a few sharp turns that were like really easy but then we had to go up this hill and comming down theres a screaming turn of death like right there as you reach the top. I thought my friend Jessica and Gracie were going over in their cars!!!! (yes, we had three vehicles because we took that many ppl with us). I was so scared >< i almost went too and i started breaking as soon as i saw them loosing it! Vision: an alucard driver nearly weting themself... that was me. Scared but we didnt pull over cause none of our vehicleslost total control. Its scary and f***ing awesome too!!! we talked about it after we got there and we desided that we all were pretty lucky and that we should be more carefull on the way home. ^^; uh.... oh, all the pictures ppl asked of me made me fell really special cuz that meant that my costume was good. and i made it myself so it was like a complement. I plan to do howl and sophie group cosplay, but i haven't found a howl yet.... *sigh* guess ill be cosplaying alone. but some of my friends wanna do a Champloo group and my bro makes a great Mugen and jessica wants to be Jin. We got gracie and me as either momo or Fuu. I wanna be momo but shes shorter and i look more like Fuu. 9.9 so i guess thats our group. I have to talk to everyone still. So we can finalize our plans otherwise we'll never get the costumes done in time. (which i'm the only one who knows how to sew. but putting together a Mugen costumes a pice of cake all I have to do is make a pancho and buy sandles for my bro and he's done. Fuu's and Jin's are easy. Kimono's are a bunch of squares and Butterfly obis are a sinch. The hakama are basically pleats with a tie belt. However, momo is a body suit, thats gonna be difficult and require much attention. over all im prolly starting too late. Damn, college and it taking up my time!!!! lol

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Sunday, August 27, 2006

havent done this in a while
the page was just so beautiful i didnt want to ruin it... (lame ass excuse No. 1) my wisdomes hurt? (lame ass excuse No. 2) >_< okay so i got a gaia account and im obsessed with that (cold hard truth) I promise ill be on when something otakuy is going on in my life... for now Peace Out!!
awe wait... my motto is:

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

as close to japan as i can possibly be....
Little Tokyo ROCKS MY SOCKS!!! i went to go see the random ninjas play in the mall they were awesome E3
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Wednesday, July 5, 2006

   AX 2006
T^T its over... but it was so much fun!! im in process of uploading all of my pictures and trying to remember all o the cool stuff i did. Let's see, i remember waiting in lines that never ended and i always didn't have my camera for the good pictures,like whenever "Tiny Shino" was around. He was about five years old and looked exactly like shino, he was with his mom and it was so cool. I cosplayed as pimpafemacard, a female pimp version o alucard and within five minutes of being there got my first picture taken. But there were a whole lot of other hellsing cosplayers, like "bathrobe alucard", he was awesome, but i sadly couldn't get a picture. I think i gots one of "pinstripe alucard" but i cant be sure id have to look at my photos. anyways, it was soo much fun that i think it'll take me a few posts to tell the whole story. so ill attempt the first chapter (---> here):
Yeah, so i went with my friends sam and garret w/ my bro and we shared a room at the best western a little ways down the street. @ first it was a drag getting there and preparing w/ all the pre con drama and then there was the fact that i was driving a chunk of the five freeway... period. but i took the 210 and 605 around so we made pretty good time. we even took a picture of a girrafe from the freeway ^^ but garret has the picture and he hasnt sent it to me yet. and so we stood in line for four hours to get a stupid defective lanyard for our badges and a holder. the lanyard was cheap and everyones badges fell off easily so there was a problem... but i brought my own super cool kuroneko lanyard so i was saved the anguish of loosing my badge. XD go me!! uh... the dealer hall was pretty cool, but i rather prefered the artists alley or just hanging out near the water tables playing made up games with glowsticks. we played a helicopter game that was kind of like skip it only cooler and with randome ppl. that and we sang... a lot... but it was good. While waiting in lines we listened to music on garrets borrowed psp. Hambergers and rootbeer.... heee, anyways the theme for our group was either "I will distroy and eat your children" or "Because god hates you" and we applied it to most everything on a humorous note. So we met my friend "Kyo" there with her group and that's who i hung out w/, they where mostly dressed as cat girls. Our group was so rag tag becuase my brother was Kapitan Kimono, garret was reno from FF, and sam was Chiouji or a narutard. It was funny!! we even got interveiwed in the Hilton while wiating around for an elivator. They asked us why we thought anime was so popular!! ha! like they didn't know, they were attending the con. but they took my picture a few times because they liked my costume, and i even had red vampire contacts that i found in the dealers hall for fourty five dollars... btw i took like four hundred and eighty five with me and i have around fifty still but im going to be using that on gas... E( but my Alucard costume is now deemed completed!!! w00t!! see:
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oh, and it was this pips last year of cosplay because he doesnt want to be like everyone else when they see the new series. He doesnt want to see bad pips and be dressed up, don't know why, i got the rumour from "glomp seras"... yeah that chick glomps me out of nowhere from behind and freakin scared the sh*t out of me because i was expecting Kyo and not her... but i got used to it. there were a lot of ppl whose costumes looked fantastic!! one of them is my new D picture!! and the other is this one:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
I'll finish later its about one o clock here and i need sleep cause im going grociery shopping in the morning, see ya!!

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Friday, June 16, 2006

I proudly support D! and thats why i've changed meh colors to his!! yeah im pretty crazy... but in that good fan girl sort of way.
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Thursday, June 15, 2006

OMG Vampire Hunter D number four came out two months early!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

i get to go to the masquerade ball!!!!!!!! ^^ i've been wanting to go and i didn't get to last year and a friend of a friend invited me!! i feel like cinderella, but im going to be in an alucard costume 6_6; yeah.... PH33R MY COOLNESS!!!!!!!!!lol
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Saturday, June 10, 2006

   SOOOOOO DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!
im so happy about being done with the semester that i think me and meh friends will just go crazah over the summer, of coarse i might need a new job.... but that can be fixed. God i wanna work at j-food with jessica!!! 8( but they already have their teenage daughters friends alternating and they cant hire me... of coarse i would work for pocky but i doubt they'd do that either. theres always magic mountain but its not the best place to be employed at, they treat their workers like crap. My friend Karley works there though. it would be so neat to work together cause then it'd be fun and all we'd do is talk about anime. =P god they still havent sent out any badges yet for AX and its getting closer to deadline here and i get all excited when i see the mail man and all sad when its not my pretty badge. It ish teh sux...
Pants out....

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Wednesday, June 7, 2006

OMG so much studying im gonna blow a fuse. i think my temple was throbbing today... maybe its stress, i am stressed lately, i just know im gonna have more grey hair.... and i cant wait!!!! but anyways if its not stress i should really get it checked... that or illiminate some of my triggers ie: my brother and other things that bug the sh8t out of me
keeping these here for now:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.comPM hazel keys1985 to join

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Monday, May 29, 2006

Long time no post
my goodness its been a long time, a moth actually..... -.-; yeah, Anyways i am so excited about this years ax that i've been preparing and finding room mates and stuff. It seems to be promisting this year because Larcencile is playing at the house of blues a few blocks over, and i have an awesome group comming with me. I'll post more later right now i have to drive someone home... Byes!!
~Teh Pants Kage~

Yosh! so what do y'all think of my back ground? Niffty no? Personally i like Orochimaru, i think he's one of the most creepy villians i've seen in a long while. So that makes him cool, or at least in my book it does. plus he's after sasuke (i dont like the lil uchiha, too.... emo, for lack of a better word.) so he has like fifty cool points. Yes, cool points, im giving them out to ppl.

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