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Saturday, April 4, 2009

fun fun fun
i don't Why But I'm Really Bored-.- But Spring Breaks Is Heres For Me So Yay>!!!!??????!!!! i'm Just really Hyper....Whatevers I'm Obessing Over Kyou Kara Moah! Great Yaoi And Action Show And Really F-Ing Funny Too So What's Up Tell Me How You Life Is.....Fill Out THis Survey:this is mine
Where You Live:Virginia
Fav/Anime:Kyou Kara Maoh!
Fav/Book:Alex Rider Series :p
Fav/Movie:Freddy Vs. Jason
Fav/Song:Snow Kiss
Fav/Band-Singer:Three Days Grace
Ps.SCellPhone Number If You HAve One PM It To Me....If You Wants:D I Need People To Talk ToXD I'm A loser:o

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