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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Not Much Is Happening!
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Hey friends well I have been okay lately...I hope you guys and girls are okay too. Well alot happen to me since the last day I have posted. Well one of my friends is hating on me for no reason well I'm not going to let any thing like that happen to me. Well I inverest my self again in front of the same cute guy I think is cute. Well other than that I'm pretty exited for Saturday. I have to go to another race it's 9.3 miles long and I have to go to a underground club with some of my friends. They are the greatest friends ever just like you. All of you are always here for me and I really apresiate that. Well not much is there to say...well I have to go cuz I have to finish my homework. I'm going to try and be on top of every thing for school so I wont be behind again...I almost failed all of my 3 classes. Now I'm going to try to get alist a B on all of them. Well have to go take care *hugs*

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