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Sunday, September 23, 2007

No Time No Talk!!!!
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Well hello everybody!!!!=^__^=
Well I’m so soooo sorry for not coming here in a long time. OMG my senior year so far has been so sooooo stressful.
Well summer vacations were good. I think…LOL….
Well I found out that I had no true friends in mexico and well my family members over in mexico only talked to me cuz of ma money….sucks huh…lmao…
Well my “best cousin”
In the world Eliza back stabed me a year ago when she “stole” my bf….then this summer she was all over him when I was in front of them…. Then she cheated on him with my big time crush since 6th grade in front of ma face n still asked me to keep it a secret….Oh! Did I mentioned that I was on a date with ma crush that same day that Eliza cheated on my x?….well yeah!….he was verry drunk cuz he got to do the beer bong n well yeah! So he went to bad (we were all on a friends house) n when I went in the room my crush was in Eliza was on top of him….lol…well n my other cousin Roger (Eliza’s lil bro he is 15) he started really bad rumors about me
How I had sleeped with most of the guys he knows
That I’m a drunky….
N well stuff like that….
Well I felt pretty loney so I went to my friends to talk about itn
Well they told both of my cousins….
Man I don’t even know why I went back….lol
Well in skool:
I’m pretty happy to have all my friends back….
But skool has been pretty hard this past month….lmao
Well I really hope to get to all of your pages by this next fris…lmao….
Well take care *HUGS*

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