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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Hi! =^_^=
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Hi guys and chicks. Thank you all for commenting on my post. Sorry I couldn't log in in so many days. My computer got a varus. I don't know how it got in my computer. Then on Thursday I went to a party with my friend Alex. He is like y big brother. Well he tryed to kiss me. He told me that he loves me alot, but like 2 weeks befor I saw my x he told me that he wanted me back. But I like this other guy in school in my first period. So now I'm very confuesed. I don't know were should I put my haert. I don't know if I should go with my x he is like the best. He makes every thing better. But in the other side my friend Alex is always there for me. He is very nice with me he is always takeing care of me when I'm in denger. But I have a crush on this guy in my first period. I don't talk to him, but I have this feeling towards him. Well I have to stop thinking about him because he has a girl friend. My friend SamyMetalUpUrAss tells me that the girl friend is not a problem. She says that may be he would notice me and dump his girld friend for me, but I'm not like those girls that stell guys from other girls. Well for now I'm not going to pay attention to them until my haert is ready to love a gain. My haert is still bleeading from the death of my twin sister. I miss her soooo much even though I didn't got to spend time with her. Well I hope you have a greate day. Take care *hugs* Oh!! Hey guys do you like the picture I posted? Well I do I wish I could be there thinking of my problems and how to solve them. I think that place is relaxing. Well Laterz! =^_^=

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Hope you'll enjoed this video! Take cre guys. *hugs*

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Monday, November 28, 2005

Hi My Friends!!
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Hi friends! Today Iím sick. I have a cold. I hate it. Well today I didnít go to school because I woke up late. I didnít hear my alarm because I was very tiered of coughing too much. Yesterday I couldnít visit any sites because I went to the Christmas parade. Santaís truck broke down. Every body was going him, but in like 15 minutes this lady unused that Santaís truck had brooked down. So we had to wait like 25 minutes for Santa to pass. He passed in a fire truck. Then in back of them the Santa truck passed. We had to wait for it because my two little sisters and my little cousin wanted to see Santa. It was very cold. I had to wear a big jacket. It was kind of fun seeing the bands pass. Today Iím going to try to go visit sites k.By the way I was rememberind that in my last post I posted a picture of a girl and her dog. Well the dog looks like my dog I had when I was little. He passed a way when I was nine years old. Hope your day gets fun and exciting. Take care *hugs*

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Sunday, November 27, 2005

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Hi all you guys. Sorry I wasnít log inn in the last two says. On Friday I went to Disney Land. It was very fun. For once I forgot about all my problems. Then On Saturday I went to visit my uncle in jail. He is in there because he hit this lady. He hit her because she used to stalk him. Every day she would call him, but not like once a day. She called like every second. And my uncle didnít even lived here with my family. My uncle had his girl friend. Today I was going to die my hair, but my mom accomplished her job to make me fell sad and guilty. My mom told me that it is not my uncleís job to buy me things. I was going to tell her why she didnít do her job. She only makes me fell sad, but she doesnít buy me the things I need. My uncle is the one caring for me and buying the things I need for school. He took care of me when my mom didnít want me. I donít know why she didnít let me go with my dad when I was a baby. If she let me go when I was a baby I would be happy with my twin sister and my dad and my nana in Spain. My stepfather made my nana go to Spain with my dad because he didnít want me to get ďspecialĒ attention. I hate him a lot. If I see him one day I think I would shoot him with a gun in the head. Iím not aggressive at all, but when I think of all the things he and my mom did to me I want to scream, but I donít because I control myself. But from now on I wonít let my problems get to me. Iím going to ignore them, but my doctor says thatís bad for my hart because itís weak. He says that I might die if I let my self in depression or get really mad. Still my mom doesnít care. She still makes me feel depressed. OMG Iím sick. I have a cold and I hate it. I think my coach is going to cancel all my schedule. So I can rest and get better, but I hope she doesnít because I donít want to be in home all day after school with my mom. Right now my mother is mad at me because I didnít carry my baby brother. I didnít want to carry him because I donít know how to make him stop crying. She expects me to know every thing. My mom is cutting some oranges and she doesnít let me get a piece. I hate her with all my heart. I know that sounds harsh, but I do hate her and my stepfather. Well how was your day? I hope good and exiting!! Take care *hugs*

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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Crashed in to the fence!! lol
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Hi all yal. Iím sorry that I couldnít post yesterday. I went to this ice-skating arena with my uncle and my aunt, and my little sisters and my little cousin. OMG in the skating arena this guy was going to fall so in order for him not to fall was to grab me. So he did grab me, but he pushed me because his skates got stuck with the bottom of his pants. He pushed me all the way across the arena. Itís small, but I crashed into the little fence. I didnít got mad because he said sorry and helped me get up. I think I just my arm, but oh well. It was very funny. The good thing about it was that no one saw me crash into the fence. We had our laughs. Then his girl friend came and took him. She tough that I was flirting with him, but I wasnít I only have eyes for this one guy. Any ways he was like 18 or 19 years old and Iím barley 15 years old. I know love doesnít have age, but I think he was a little to old and he was definitely not my type. Then I tied my skates to tight that they cut me. I didnít felt the cuts until I got home. Then today I had to run 1 mile. Thatís a piece of cake up side down. I was the second to finish, but I had to stop because my cuts were bleeding a little. Then I had to play these fun games. That was in second period. In first period we had to read the book ďLord of the FliesĒ. It was boring. Then the teacher was talking about what each charachet represented in the book. I was falling to sleep. I couldnít keep my eyes open for a second. Then in third period my teacher told us to finish all of our paintings. Iím almost done. How was your day? I hope it was fun and funny. Take care *hugs*

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Monday, November 21, 2005

   Hi guys!!

Hi all you people that visit my site! Today at school was kind of funny. I was laughing all day. My stomach hurts from laughing too much. In second period I was laughing at my weird friends. They were trying to be ďcoolĒ, but they were getting kind off freaky. My friend Marisa hurt her finger. She put the 5-pound weight on top of her finger by assent. OMG my teacher made us do a lot of hard work and Iím kind of impress because I didnít get tiered. Usually wen I have PE I get tiered and in the school bus I go to sleep. Then in lunch my friends were making this exchange of gifts for Christmas. We were making the exchange of names. So we were all laughing because we were looking at each otherís papers to look who got who. We had to change the names like 5 times until every body stopped telling that they got their name. I got my name like 2 times in a row. Then in painting we had to draw this tree. My friend draw this tree that looked like some body crashed into it. My friends and me were laughing at the picture. My friend told us to stop laughing at her. Then my other friend told her were not laughing at you we were laughing with you. Well I hope you had a better day than me. *hugs*

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Sunday, November 20, 2005


Hi! I got this cool video. It's Simple Plan. Hope you like it.Oh don't forget to go visit my friend "SamyMetalUpUrAss" I know her in person. We go to the same high school.We go to Verdugo Hills High School =^_^=

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Saturday, November 19, 2005

She hates me!! She really does!! T_T
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She hates me and I donít know why. My mom heats me. This is making me very miserable! I donít know why my mom hates me. I never did something bad to her. I guess I was born and Ö maybe thatís why she is mad with me. I never asked to been brought to this world. I think if I was dyeing she would let me die like she did with my twin sister. I hate my mom. She is very mean to me since I was born. Yesterday I almost slit my wrist. I couldnít take it any more. Iím only 15. I canít take it nooooooo moooore!!!!! T_T. I think Iím dying alive. Iím rooting inside. Iíve become numb and I donít care if I live or die no more. I was going to see ďHarry PotterĒ, but my mom said no because I didnít clean my room. I clean it every morning. I told her that and she didnít say anything. Then she said then whoís going to help me with the kinds. I told her then what do you do while Iím in school. She is in home by her self and she takes good care of my two sisters and my baby brother. So now she canít take care of them. Iím not their mother to be taking care of them. My mom decided to have more kinds so now she has to deal with them. All the time Iím helping her with the kids. Then wen my baby brother and my little sister goes to sleep my mom treats me like crap. Iím tiered of this life. I which I was the one who died instead of my twin sister. She had a grate life with my dad. Why did she had to die? Why? T_T I miss her a lot. I didnít even got to spend time with my twin sister and my dad. Wen I was in 4th grade my dad appeared. I thought he was my momís friend. He came and visited me for 2 weeks. Then one day he didnít come. The next day my mom got very drunk. In the night she told me that the man who came was my dad. Then my mom asked me if I wanted to go with him or staid with her. I told her that I was going to stay with her. Now I regreate saying that. I wich I had gone with my dad. So now I would be with my twin sister and my dad. I hope your day was a lot better than mine.

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   Hey guys my friends name is
Pleace go and visit her k!! *hugs*

Dont Click Here

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Friday, November 18, 2005

Hi all you guys!!
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Hi! All you people that visit my site. Today was cool at school. My friend Samantha told me that she made an account here at Otaku, but I couldnít go because I donít know how to spell her user name. I send her a message, but she doesnít have Internet. So I have to weight until tomorrow to go visit her site. When I have the right name Iím going to tell you guys so you could visit her site. She is a very good friend. So are my other friends and you guys to because you all told me good advise in my problems in the last posts I posted the last couple of days. So I hope you like the picture I posted. I also hope you all had a great day!! *hugs*

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Thursday, November 17, 2005


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