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Monday, January 21, 2008

new wallpaper

Hey my friends!
It's Monday,and brand new week.I'm fully recharged .... ready for action!!!!
I had nice weekend.Yup.....I've watched anime all Sunday,like I planed it.
First.....I watched last few episodes of Saiunkoku Monogatari and Devil may Cry.And I finished watching Darker than black.Saiunkou Monogatari and Darker than black I presented to U,and Devil may Cry I will probably next time I post.But now I will tell U more about Pretear.

This anime has only 13 episodes.It's very funny shoujo anime.But I must say,how plot surprised me few tims.I never expected some things to hapen. *sighs* I almost cried at the end.Now U can imagine how shoujo that anime is.It can't be more shoujo then that.

Click here fot PRETEAR info

Here are snapshot:

OK..this is it for todays post
I'll visit U all today since over the weekend I was to tired, I couldn't force myself to type.GOMEN. *bows* So...I'll talk to U all today.
*HUGS* ^_^

This wallpaper I made ....I don't know....two weeks ago.I totally forgot about it.Anyway....here it is.Hope somebody likes it.

I must thank U again for visiting me,and U know how I appreciate U'r comments to my art.So....ARIGATOGOZAIMASU!!!

Talk to U people later.

Enjoy U'r day my friends!!!
Genki da yo!

Ja ne !!!


p.s.Click here for my other wallpapers


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