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Saturday, January 22, 2005

   A Baad Night
Man, did I have one hell of a night tonite. A real good friend of mine acted really stupid and decided to get blazed. Well, it was her first time and she took like fifteen hits and got all fucked up. All of them BITCHES she got high with up and left her cuz she started throwing up. BITCHES! I helped her to a garbage can and brought the rent'a'cops over to her. She damn near passed out. We called her mom and then the mall closed so I had to leave, but her mom called me to tell me she was ok and to thank me and said that Mel said I was the only one who helped her. But, I was just like her so called friends up and left her like that. How could they do that? Wait till I see those... I have no words for them. It just makes me wonder, are you're friends really you're friends? Or are they gonna bail out on you when at the first sign of trouble? Who the hell can you trust in this bitch we call life? Anyone?
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