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Thursday, July 27, 2006

I didn't have anything to talk about yesterday, therefore didn't post. I did still visit sites, which is still good, right? ^^

Yesterday I was searching youtube. I found some funny commercials starring Gackt. He's so silly.

I played a lot of GTA yesterday. I'll keep this short. I finished the part in Los Santos, and I am now on the other part! Huzzah! Still, I am afraid I am nowhere near beating the game. *shakes head*

This is a short post.....

Interesting fact(s) about me that you may of may not find interesting

I am from Bermuda, and my favorite color is blue!

About you

What is your favorite color?

Whoa......deja vu. Didn't I ask this question already?

See you later......well, I won't actually see you. Hmmm....ttyl.....well, I won't actually talk to you either.....GAH!


Gackt as a weather man

Gackt Dressing Up

Gackt falls of stage

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