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Friday, July 21, 2006

Ever smelled something that smells like a baby soiled himself and the parent is too dense to change him? Yeah. If you don't know what it smells like.....IMAGINE IT!! That's what it's like when I go riding with my mom. We might just stop riding and do something else because that smell is just too unbearable. And the people aren't doing anything about it. We don't know the area well enough to just pick another route. It's dangerous nowadays.

GTA: San Andreas
(you don't have to read this if you don't want)

Anywho, I played GTA: San Andreas. Just basically playing aroud. I tryed some cheats I thought might be fun. I spawned a Hydra Fighter Jet, and a Stuntplane. I had no clue how to work the Stuntplane (Jet was pretty easy). I used my Jetpack to get me to the tallest building I could find, spawned the Stuntplane and watched as I fell off of the building. Lol. I got 'Wasted' a few times before I learned how to steer it. Yay! XP
I've also been going around killing gang members. It's actually pretty fun.....until I get killed, that is.
I hijacked a train and went to a forbidden part of the game. I ended up getting 4 stars on the wanted level. While trying to escape back to the Grove, I accidently killed another police officer(Don't ask), and got 5 stars. Yeah, I gave up and let them catch me. Now I know never to go there again. Lol.


I went shopping yesterday with my mom and sister. I usually don't like to partake in shopping, but this time was actually fun. We tried on a bunch of clothes. I saw these really cute black jeans that had my favorite looney toons characters on it. Sylvester and Road Runner. Ah, you thought i was going to say Bugs, huh?

I am, well, me and my mother are thinking of adopting a little kitten.

Here's some pictures of them. We aren't sure yet, but I'm already attached to them! ^^

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This one is so kawaii! (Looks kind of mischevious)

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Which one do you like? It can help narrow our choice! ^^

Here's my AMV that I made!

I put the little Stewie interlude because I love Stewie! ^^

And here's the video for today!
Title: Tackey and Tsubasa get a Painful Foot Massage.

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