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Sunday, May 17, 2009

ひさしぶり!! It's been a WHILE
My gosh, it has been some years since I have been here. I was just watching TV when I remember this site. Looking around here has really brought back some memories. I have really missed you all!!

What I've been up to
I recently, well...not THAT recently, came back from France on a Study Abroad Program sponsored by my school. The best thing about it was that I didn't have to pay for anything, the only thing was that I had to bring spending money. SPENDING MONEY!
So the program included me going to school in France for 3 months. Yup. I was in France for 3 months! It was really cool because I got to go to Paris for a week. My first time in Paris! AMAZING!
I also had to stay with a host family. They were...not the best family to stay with...personally speaking.
But I did enjoy going to school and improving my French with the students, who quickly became my friends. They were interested in learning English from me...but not from their teacher. it was funny.
At times,... I had to correct the teacher with her English. LOL
The school was ENORMOUS!!! I went to a private catholic school...however you really couldn't tell by the way they acted. Lol. Not that I was expecting them to act like saints.

My French is a lot better! I can carry a long conversation with my French teacher and with my friends while I was in France. We still keep in contact via Facebook and all.

School wise
Well.. I am now a graduating senior!! HUZZAH!! YIPPIE!!! And all that.
I am sooo ready to get out of high school!! My graduation date is the 27th of this month! Boy has time passed by soo fast.
I'm kinda sad and happy to go. Hmmm... bittersweet. But more happy so YEAH!! lol

Before this post gets too long, I'll end it. lol
If you want to read more about my trip to France and see some pictures, just say so!
(I don't really feel like uploading them right now lol)

I have really missed you all, and look forward to reading your comments!

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